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OMEX Multiflo is tailor made to match field and crop requirements and offer a number of benefits..

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Solution fertiliser is soaring in the UK thanks to its superior performance and competitive cost...

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OMEX develops and manufactures a complete range of high performance liquid foliar fertilisers...

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Benefits of liquid fertilisers

Liquid fertiliser provides a number of benefits over traditional solid fertilisers. From being more convenient and faster-acting, to more-uniform application and improved crop response.

Benefits of liquid fertilisers

Applying liquid foliar fertilisers

There are a few things to consider when applying liquid fertiliser to your plants. For optimum uptake of nutrients you have to factor in time of day, air temperature and humidity.

How to apply liquid fertilisers

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It is key that growers focus on growing a healthy plant capable of reaching it's full yield potential. Using OMEX foliar products, can produce significant improvement on crop yield & quality.

Fertiliser & Crop Nutrition

Thinking about going liquid?

Take a look at the below video all about liquid fertilisers and how they can help you improve efficiency and yields!

Or click here for a demonstration of how boosting plant health makes for a stronger, healthier plant – allowing it to reach its full potential.

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