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OMEX suspension fertilisers are tailor made to match field and crop requirements.

They are concentrated thixotropic liquids, which means they remain gelled when static and fully flowable when pumped, ensuring the high concentration of plant nutrients remains completely homogeneous.
Suspensions can contain almost any mix of nutrients and micronutrients, which are perfectly mixed so that each droplet of the product contains the complete analysis of nutrients, for unbeatable accuracy and consistency.
While solid blended fertiliser is prone to segregation, OMEX suspensions do not separate or settle during transport and application, and remain fully uniform from the factory to the last drop applied in the field.

OMEX suspension fertilisers offer a number of benefits over conventional solid fertilisers:



Improved crop response from accuracy and availability of nutrients



Tailor made nutrition, uniform application over the whole field



Accurate and efficient with less risk of leaching and pollution



No bag disposal or storage, contract application and no farm labour or planning



From soil sample to application



Growing with OMEX gives you complete support in caring for your crop, from planting to harvest


Due to the nature of the product, OMEX suspensions are applied by a dedicated team of contractors with licensed specialist spraying machinery, able to treat up to 350 hectares per day and freeing farm labour to carry out important planting, harvest and cultivation work.

The sprayers are equipped with 36m booms, high accuracy rate control plus GPS section control and auto steering. Specialist headland nozzles ensure that the full rate of fertiliser is applied evenly right up to the field boundaries and no further.


Beat Blackgrass with Avadex

Avadex can be mixed and applied with your Suspension Fertiliser to help beat blackgrass. Using Avadex in your Suspension Fertiliser has a number of benefits:

  • Excellent efficacy
  • Even distribution across the soil surface
  • Held on clods – maintaining 100% soil cover
  • Activated by the moisture in the Suspension Liquid Fertiliser
  • The most accurate applicaiton at 36m width, right up to the field margin or buffer zone
  • No farm labour required
  • No strorage, no handling, no bag disposal, no wastage

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Driver Farms
As part of our long term business strategy, we are aiming to greatly reduce our use of pesticides. OMEX sap testing allows us to gauge if we need to add specific nutrients to the crops. The aim is to create healthier plants that are more resilient to pest and pathogen attack. Driver Farms

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