March 18, 2021 12:09 pm Published by gustavw

The lack of adequate rainfall last year in the coffee-growing region of southern/MG, Brazil, “Sul de Minas – Controlled Denomination of Origin” meant that many crops were under severe drought stress.

Mr José Maria, a coffee producer in this region, unfortunately faced these harsh drought conditions, which brought on acute nutritional problems and the manifestation of some diseases during crop formation. Fearing the loss of the coffee crop, a treatment of OMEX Bio 20 was recommended by an OMEX technical advisor to promote the stimulation of rooting and vegetative development. The proven all in one combination of nutrients and a powerful biostimulant is excellent at maintaining coffee plant growth during periods of abiotic stress. An OMEX Zynergy treatment in conjunction with a fungicide was also recommended to enhance tolerance to drought stress and prevent new pathogens in the crop.

To the great satisfaction of Mr Jose Maria, the Bio 20 and Zynergy treatment positively affected his coffee crop development, withstanding the severe drought conditions.

Severe drought stress during coffee crop formation:

Treatment of OMEX Bio 20 and Zynergy on Coffee crop

 OMEX Bio 20 is a highly concentrated suspension fertilizer containing macronutrients, Mg and chelated trace elements, complemented by an organic extract derived from a single variety of seaweed (marine algae). For full product information, click here:

Bio 20 bottle

OMEX Zynergy is a specially formulated combination of highly available copper and zinc designed to form a vital part of an integrated crop management programme to boost crop health and maximise yield potential. For full product information, click here:

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