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Avocados are mainly produced in the central areas of Mexico – Michoacán and Jalisco account for 90% of avocado production.

The avocado has a production all year round, with 2 or 3 flowering seasons and production.

OMEX Agrifluids apply a complete program of plant nutrient fertilizers and biostimulants, which include Bio 20, CalMax Super (Gold), Kingfol Zn, K41 and DP98.

OMEX Foliar Program for Avocados

Young Avocado Trees (1-3 years)

We aim to promote the growth and structure of the plant, promoting physiological response in the plant tissues with Bio 20 at 2 lt per hectare and 500 ml per hectare of Kingfol Zn.

To improve plant nutrient health and disease resistance of the plant DP98 is applied at 2 lt per hectare.


Avocados grown in Mexico, using a an OMEX Foliar Program

Avocado Trees 3 years old and more:

When the plant starts the flowering process applications of CalMax Super at 2lt per hectare with 2 lt per hectare of Bio 20 are applied to promote flowering and fruit set.

To improve the size and quality of the avocado’s K41 is applied at 2 lt per hectare.  CalMax Super (Gold) is applied at 1lt per hectare to improve fruit set, increase yield and help improve firmness, storability, colour and finish.

Furthermore, we also recommend Kingfol Zn applied at 500ml per hectare and Dp98 at 2lt per hectare to be applied throughout the cycle to promote health and stimulate the roots.

Sulphomex can be applied in the program to control disease and mites, mixed with fungicide and insecticide to improve control at 2-3 lt per ha. Or preventive at 3 lt per hectare.








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