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Thinning apple flowers

Thinning apple flowers is an essential practice in apple orchards to achieve optimal fruit production.

  • Apple trees often set more flowers than necessary, resulting in excessive fruit production.
  • Thinning helps ensure that only a suitable number of fruitlets remain on the tree for proper sizing and quality.
  • Overcropping can lead to smaller fruits with poor storage potential

Benefits of Thinning:

  • Larger Fruits: Thinning results in larger apples, which are easier and cheaper to pick and grade.
  • Healthier Fruits: Recent research shows that fruits from thinned trees have higher concentrations of polyphenols, which are beneficial for human health and nutrition.

Methods of Thinning:

  • Hand Thinning: Environmentally sensitive method that involves manually removing flower clusters. Rarely used in mature commercial orchards.
  • Chemical Thinning: Chemical blossom thinners are sprayed during the blossom time to reduce fertilization and prevent undesired crop loads.
  • Bloom Thinning: Can be done with caustic chemicals or hormone-type thinners like naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA).
  • Postbloom Thinning: Usually done at petal fall or when fruits are 10-12 mm in diameter using NAA or benzyladenine (BA).

CalMax Gold on BlossomFactors Influencing Thinning Decisions:

  • Variety: Small-fruited varieties (e.g., Gala, Cox) often require regular thinning.
  • Rootstock: Different rootstocks may affect thinning needs.
  • Market Requirements: Consider desired fruit grades.
  • Weather Conditions: Current season’s weather impacts thinning decisions.
  • Tree Condition: Assess the health and vigor of the tree.

Apple Thinning & Sulphomex Application

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Apple Thinning and Sulpomex Applicatio

Apple Thinning & Sulpomex Application Leaflet

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