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Tips for the best beet yield

How to get the best possible yields from your beet next year:

  • Get your fields tested
  • Only apply the nutrients required
  • Use the most responsive fertiliser
  • Apply fertiliser accurately
  • Minimise compaction

In order to optimise yield and give the crop exactly what it needs OMEX offer soil sampling services. This process includes taking a minimum of 25 cores to provide a truly representative sample of the sampled area,  you can read more about this here.
Once a soil sample has been analysed OMEX can then provide the exact nutrients needed for the crop through Suspension Fertilisers, the tailor made fertilisers are made to match field and crop requirements. The fertiliser is applied by a dedicated team of contractors with licensed specialist spraying machinery, able to treat up to 350 hectares per day. The sprayers are equipped with 36m booms, high accuracy rate control plus GPS section control and auto steering.  Specialist headland nozzles ensure that the full rate of fertiliser is applied evenly right up to the field boundaries and no further.

Suspensions v Solid Fertiliser

OMEX suspension fertilisers offer a number of benefits over conventional solid fertilisers:

  • Financial – Improved crop response from accuracy and availability of nutrients
  • Agronomic – Tailor made nutrition, uniform application over the whole field
  • Environmental – Accurate and efficient with less risk of leaching and pollution
  • Convenience – No bag disposal or storage, contract application and no farm labour or planning
  • Traceablility – From soil sample to application
  • Support – Growing with OMEX gives you complete support in caring for your crop, from planting to harvest

Numerous trials consistently demonstrate the increased yield OMEX Suspensions offer over solid fertilisers:


Quicker establishment with OMEX suspensions, above.

Autumn applied suspensions beat spring applied solid, above.

Farmer Testimonial

Farmer Tom Jackson, of Ely Cambridgeshire,  uses OMEX suspension fertiliser for his crops and comments

“It’s the application accuracy and the availability of the OMEX fertiliser that ensures our crop gets off to a good start.”

Find Out More

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If you need your field testing with a free soil sampling service or need a quotation based on soil results you have in hand, just click here to contact your local DSM.


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