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    ZiBo is a highly concentrated foliar fertiliser containing pure zinc and boron formulated as a liquid suspension.


    Zinc and Boron are key elements in plant metabolism and have many functions.
    • Formation and modulation of enzymes, which are critical at germination and early root and shoot development.
    • Important in converting amino acids into protein essential during periods of rapid tissue growth.
    • Deficient plants display stunted growth associated with distorted auxin production.
    • Helps to maintain membrane permeability, thus improving stress tolerance.

    • Along with zinc, boron is involved with synthesis of cell wall material and transport of sugars.
    • Boron deficiency is common in soils with pH higher than 6.5
    • Pollination is greatly influenced by boron availability.


    The ratio of zinc : boron is designed to complement the requirement for both elements especially in crops like coffee and cocoa.

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