April 21, 2020 12:27 pm Published by LauraE

#GoLiquid with OMEX

The dry weather is giving UK growers a number of headaches, could the use of liquid nitrogen provide some relief for nitrogen-starved crops? OMEX takes a look at the key reasons why you should #GoLiquid

Fast Acting

Liquid fertilisers are fast acting, meaning the crop is immediately able to absorb the nutrients it needs

Uniform Application

Uniform application, applied evenly and accurately, across the crop right up to the field edge

Total Crop Nutrition

OMEX offer a full range of liquid fertilisers including Suspension, Solution and Foliar to ensure the crop receives exactly what it needs

One Pass Application

Using Didin means you can apply the full seasons nitrogen in one simple pass!

Improved Crop Response

Improved crop response with Liquid Fertilisers. The plant is able to uptake the nutrients within Liquid Fertilisers straight away.

Complete Support

Complete technical and agronomical support from OMEX’s dedicated team.

Improved Accuracy

Liquid Fertilisers allow for accurate application right up to field margins.

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