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Be prepared with SAP analysis
Be prepared with SAP Analysis

Make sure you’re prepared with SAP analysis ahead of T1 fungicide application.

“Nutrition is critical prior to T1 spraying to ensure the crop is as healthy as it can be, in order to withstand disease pressure and maximise its yield potential. Ensure all the macro and micro nutrients are available to be utilised for cell expansion and photosynthesis. Mn & Mg are critical for this and ensuring that recently applied Nitrogen is utilised efficiently.” OMEX Crop Nutrition Agronomist, Simon Taylor

The SAP System

SAP analysis offers a highly accurate and topical assessment of the true nutritional status of the plant. Whereas conventional tissue testing reports the level of nutrients in a sample, including those locked up and unavailable for growth in cell walls and storage cells, SAP analysis measures only the actual level of crop nutrients available for plant growth.

Speak to your local District Sales Manager for advice on best practice and information on OMEX products.

For more information on the SAP Analysis system, click here.

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