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Protected Edibles Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

protected edibles fertiliser and crop nutrition OMEX
protected edible fertiliser and crop nutrition for peppers

Protected Edibles Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

Get The Best For Your Protected Edibles

OMEX offers a variety of liquid fertiliser and crop nutrition solutions for protected edible growers, alongside a suite of analysis tools to make the best protected edible nutritional decisions. Our horticultural team of BASIS and FACTS qualified advisors can help with:

  • Tomato Fertiliser and Nutrition
  • Cucumber Fertiliser and Nutrition
  • Pepper Fertiliser and Nutrition
  • Aubergine Fertiliser and Nutrition
  • Chilli Pepper Fertiliser and Nutrition
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Our team of experts are here to help you chose the most efficient protected edibles fertiliser and crop nutrition programmes

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Latest Protected Edible Technical Updates

We’re passionate about providing protected edible growers with the most relevant and up to date technical information on crop nutrition and fertilisers. Take a look at our latest technical updates, including protected edible fertiliser updates, here.

Nursing Stressed Crops – Horticulture

Alongside the pressures of heat on the plant, water reservoirs are also running low due to the lack of rainfall. These pre-drought conditions should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid the crop experiencing a dip in expected growth, or failing altogether.

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Glasshouse Pest Deterrence

As glasshouse producers look to complete their harvest and move towards dormancy, the focus for the grower is on pests and cleaning up the plants (if keeping them) to limit any impact on future cropping.

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The Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser Nutrition for Protected Edibles

Protected edibles fertiliser liquid nutrition offers an array of benefits to protected edible growers:

  • Liquid nutrition is instantly available to the crop
  • Rapid uptake by the plant
  • Crop nutrition improves protected edible plant health
  • Compatible with protected edible fertigation systems

Nutrients in a liquid form are easily absorbed by the crop, consistently demonstrating positive results within research and development and customer produce.

At OMEX we consistently test and review our product range to ensure protected edible growers are utilising the most effective forms of crop nutrition at the most efficient rates.

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Growing with OMEX

We’re a trusted partner within the horticultural industry, providing science-led solutions to our customers across the horticultural sector. We form a key part of protected edible growers and distributor agronomy teams advising them on the most effective, agronomic and sustainable crop nutrition programmes to achieve yield and quality goals.

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“We’re growing for the main supermarkets, they’re looking for perfection. With OMEX we can give them that first grade product.”

Nick Scoot, Head Grower – Bridge Farm Group

SAP Analysis in Protected Edibles

SAP Analysis is vital for sustainably growing protected edibles. SAP analysis analyses 17 live nutrient parameters within the growing crop, helping growers to make the most efficient and agronomic decisions on applying fertilisers and nutrition to the crop.

The report utilises an easy-to-read chart highlighting nutrient deficiencies or antagonisms as well as indicating where nutrition is optimised. The reports are then interpreted with OMEX agronomist comments to help the protected ornamental grower make the most effective, agronomically, and financially viable decisions for the crop. SAP analysis can aid with:

  • Tomato Fertiliser and Nutrition Plans
  • Cucumber Fertiliser and Nutrition Plans
  • Pepper Fertiliser and Nutrition Plans
  • Aubergine Fertiliser and Nutrition Plans
  • Chilli Pepper Fertiliser and Nutrition Plans
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Working Towards Sustainable Protected Edible Fertiliser

In line with our Greener Planet Commitment we’re providing protected edible growers with efficient crop nutrition and liquid fertilisers for protected edibles. Our R&D team are continuously testing and trialling our protected edible fertilisers to ensure they’re being applied in the most effective way, to improve nutrient use efficiency.

Improved efficiency improves the sustainability of your growing operation, and in turn the financial sustainability of the business. We’re constantly reviewing new sustainable products and practices to ensure our grower customers have agronomically viable processes in place for the future.

This includes our investment into improving the efficiencies of peat-free growing media with our revolutionary product, Catalyst.

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Protected Edible Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

From tomatoes to cucumbers, protected edibles require a balanced programme of nutrition. The nutritional programme should focus on rooting, plant health, quality and yield of the crop.

The below protected edible fertiliser and crop nutritionfeed programme highlights a generic protected edible feed programme. You should always consult with your OMEX FACTS Qualified Advisor to ensure you’re utilising the most effective products for your specific growing situations.

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Protected Edibles Block Rooting and Transplant Stage

During this growth stage, rooting is vital. Early root establishment will aid the crop to uptake nutrients and meet its yield and quality requirements. During this stage, growers can utilise:


is a kelp concentrate that improves protected edible root growth and establishment applied at 2L/ha or 2ml/L water.

View Kelpak

O-Phyte is biostimulant based on phosphite that stimulates protected edible growth and improves the uptake and systemic movement of nutrient cations within the plant. Applied at 2L/ha or 2ml/L water it helps maintain root health at optimum levels.

View O-Phyte
Biomex Plus

Biomex Plus helps to stimulate the growth of roots and increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress through the colonisation of plant roots. Biomex Plus can be applied to protected edibles at 2.5ml/L water to simulate root health.

View Biomex Plus
Calomex 105 Liquid

Calomex 105 Liquid is a perfect replacement for standard Calcium Nitrate used at the equivalent of 1.27L for every 1 kg of Calcium Nitrate. Importantly, this product is also Ammonium Free.

View Calomex 105 Liquid
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Protected Edible Vegetative and Fruiting Growth Stage

During this stage of protected edible growth, it’s important to supply the crop with nutrients for increased growth, plant health and development.

Bio 20

Bio 20 will provide protected edibles a unique package of nutrients, biostimulants and micronutrients for optimum growth. Applied at 1-2L/ha or 1-2ml/L water.

View Bio 20

Zynergy is a unique combination of copper, zinc and sulphur formulated to optimise nutrient uptake by the plant. It’s been evidenced to promote plant health, quality and yield. Zynergy can be applied to protected edibles at 0.25L/ha or 0.25ml/L water.

View Zynergy
Gard KLD

Gard KLD is not a pesticide and has no pesticidal activity. However, it does not control the pest but makes a crop less attractive. The kelp stimulates new roots. Applied at 2L/ha or 2ml/L water.

View Gard KLD

SW7 is a pesticidal approved silicon wetter can be used to enhance control of all approved pesticides up to their full approved rate throughout growth.

View SW7

Kobra can be used as a wetter/re-wetter to improve water management within the bags/blocks etc.

View Kobra
Calomex 105 Liquid

Calomex 105 Liquid is a perfect replacement for standard Calcium Nitrate used at the equivalent of 1.27L for every 1Kg of Calcium Nitrate. This product is also importantly Ammonium Free.

Calomex 105 Liquid

Protected Edibles Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition FAQs

  • Always consult your local OMEX FACTS and BASIS qualified advisor when putting together a protected edibles (LINK 3) fertiliser management programme. They’re equipped with real-life industry experience, backed with the R&D might of the OMEX group to help you tailor a programme specific to your growing needs.

  • SAP analysis is a useful tool for protected edible growers. It identifies the actively available nutrition for plant growth and can indicate deficiency before symptoms start displaying.

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