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History of OMEX

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History of OMEX

Growing for almost 50 years

We’ve been working with farmers for almost 50 years, delivering high quality liquid fertiliser and crop nutrition. We’re a proud group of companies operating around the globe with our mission to sustainably feed and power a growing population. 

OMEX was established

With the purchase of a small building and a few old WW11 out buildings on Bardney Airfield Lincolnshire. The company introduced their first fertiliser range in the UK


Estuary Road Site Bought

Demand grew and to facilitate our fertiliser services in Lincolnshire and East Anglia, a site on the docks was purchased.


Renamed OMEX Agriculture

Originally named OMNIA, the company was rebranded in 1985 to OMEX Agriculture.


Purchased liquid business of Kemira in the UK and the Farmers Fertilizer Company

Operations continued to expand throughout the UK


First Dividend to Shareholders

13 years into the journey shareholders of OMEX Agriculture received their first dividend as the companies success continued to grow.


History of OMEX Liquid Fertiliser
100,000 Tonne Milestone

The first of what was to be many, 100,000 tonnes of fertilisers, was delivered to farmers across the UK


History of OMEX - OMEX Environmental
OMEX Envrionmental Was Established

OMEX diversified into wastewater treatment and optimising renewable energy technologies with OMEX Environmental.


History of OMEX - OMEX Agrifluids
OMEX Agrifluids Ltd Was Founded

Exporting concentrated crop nutrient formulations to now over 85 nations worldwide with OMEX Agrifluids


History of OMEX - SAP Analysis
SAP Analysis was launched

A ground-breaking technology that enables growers to see the full nutritional status of the plant, for accurate crop recommendations with SAP Analysis


History of OMEX - Deicer
OMEX Deicers Introduced

The introduction of non-corrosive de-icing products for various applications but primarily for airports


History of OMEX - OMEX USA
OMEX USA Launched

OMEX USA started with production in Fresno and is now growing throughout the USA


History of OMEX - OMEX Canada
OMEX Canada Launched

With a production site in Winnipeg, Manitoba. OMEX markets its speciality fertilizers including seed dressings, foliar feeds, plant health promoters with OMEX Canada


History of OMEX - Our Team
Milestone 100 staff

The team was growing, now with 100 staff in the UK, dedicated to sustainably feeding and powering a growing population.


History of OMEX - OMEX Brazil
OMEX Brazil launches

OMEX do Brasil is established with a growing market for specialities nationwide.


History of OMEX - Storage
Continuing to improve UK network

A strategic import site was purchased in Ipswich, to help achieve quick delivery of quality product across UK.


OMEX Mexico launches

Continued demand for OMEX products continued to grow, calling for the establishment of OMEX Mexico, specialising in a range of crops including agave.


History of OMEX - Dundee
Dundee site opened

To support Scottish farming, the latest OMEX facility providing liquid nitrogen to farmers was opened. Located in the port of Dundee, the site provides the farming community with quality liquid fertiliser in a timely manner.


History of OMEX - Multiflo
Multiflo is launched

Offering farmers quality liquid NPK + S fertiliser with Multiflo


History of OMEX - Sustainability Journey
OMEX launch their sustainability journey – Greener Planet Commitment

OMEX Agriculture assemble a team of experts to deliver sustainable fertiliser and crop nutrition advice


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On Our Journey

The history of OMEX spans almost 50 years, helping farmers grow quality products when they need it. We’re committed to offering innovative products and advice. As we embark on our next 50 years we want you to grow with us, contact us below.

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