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Carrot Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

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Liquid Fertiliser for Carrot Crops

OMEX has been working with carrot growers for almost fifty years, supplying them with quality carrot fertiliser and crop nutrition. The carrot crop is incredibly important to UK food production with approximately 700,000 tonnes of the crop produced in the UK each year.

As the leaders in liquid fertiliser we offer the full range of liquid fertiliser for carrot crops. Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range, Multiflo  liquid NPKS fertiliser range and Speciality liquid nutrition range has been expertly formulated to offer quality liquid fertiliser nutrition for carrot crops.

If you’re unsure on what the best product is for you needs, contact our experienced team who are always on hand to help.

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Liquid Fertiliser for Carrot Crops

OMEX, the leaders in liquid fertiliser, offer the full range of liquid fertiliser for carrot crops.


Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur carrot fertiliser range.

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Multiflo liquid NPKS carrot fertiliser range.

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OMEX speciality range

Speciality liquid carrot nutrition range.

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The benefits of Liquid Carrot Fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser is applied directly where carrots require it and forms part of a regenerative agriculture approach, with no over application of inputs

Growing a sustainable carrot crop benefits from the precise nutrition liquid fertiliser offers

Liquid fertiliser is applied right up to the field margin, ensuring each carrot receives the full amount of nutrient required

Carrot crops require rapid establishment, and liquid nutrition supplies the nutrients instantly for this purpose

There is no plastic bag disposal required when utilising liquid fertilisers

Carrot crops supplied with liquid fertilisers are able to instantly uptake the nutrition applied, unlike when granular fertiliser has been applied

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Highly Qualified Team

Our FACTS and BASIS qualified team work with carrot growers throughout the year to offer the most effective agronomic advice to help you grow healthy, quality carrots with the most efficient carrot fertiliser.

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Working Towards Sustainable Carrot Fertiliser

As carrot growers embark on their journey toward producing in a more sustainable manner, we’re committed to helping carrot farmers produce a greener future. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we’re dedicated to forming a sustainable supply chain.

Our suite of management tools, R&D department and expert knowledge is improving Nutrient Use Efficiencies and helping to farm smarter. OMEX has been working with carrot growers across the UK for almost 50 years and has conducted thousands of hours of research, helping to produce more efficiently and successfully.

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Multiflo N P and K Carrot Fertiliser

It’s important that soils growing carrots are maintained at approximately P and K indices 2 to produce effectively. It’s important to undertake soil sampling to check you’re not under, or over applying, key nutrients – helping you sustainably grow carrots, ensuring the crop is financially viable.

Multiflo has a variety of grades available for optimum carrot growth, demonstrated below; however, you should keep in communication with your local FACTS qualified advisor to make sure you’re utilising the best grade for your carrot crop.

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Multiflo Grades For The Full NPKS Requirement

Carrott growers can utilise a 7-7-10+S Multiflo grade at a rate of 1050 l/ha to supply the carrot crop with 90kg/ha of nitrogen, 90kg/ha of phosphorus and 120kg/ha of potassium. Nitrogen can be applied to the seedbed or post-drilling with Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser.

If an alternative form of potassium is being supplied to the carrot crops farmers can utilise an 11.5-10-4+S Multiflo grade at 580 L/ha to supply the carrot crop with 80kg/ha of nitrogen, 70kg/ha of phosphorus and 30kg/ha of potassium. This option supplies the crop with the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required for early establishment.

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Soluble P for Carrot Establishment

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. Phosphorus is key in carrot establishment, responsible for producing rooting.

Ensuring phosphorus is applied in it’s most available form will benefit the crop agronomically and financially. Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphorus, making it immediately available to the crop upon application.

We’re here to support you choosing the most efficient carrot fertiliser, talk to us today.

How Does Polymex Work?

The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate within the carrot fertiliser remain available to the crop for longer.

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Carrot Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser

OMEX offer Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers for carrot crops where required. Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be utilised within the seedbed pre or post drilling.

Carrots require nitrogen for healthy growth, quality, carotene production and colour. Supplying nitrogen in a liquid form means it’s instantly available to the crop.

It’s important to ensure the nitrogen remains where the crop needs it for longer it’s ideal to utilise an inhibitor such as DIDIN.

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We have noticed a big difference in the performance of our poly carrots which have benefitted from DIDIN.

In the past when the plastic was removed the crop would always look hungry and in need of a nitrogen boost, but now with the nitrogen already in the soil it is taken up by the crop immediately.

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DIDIN Nitrification Inhibitor on Carrots

DIDIN is a nitrification inhibitor that helps improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency of the fertiliser applied. Produced using NprotectioN technology DIDIN allows the full season’s nitrogen requirement to be applied at one time, whilst reducing nitrate leaching losses, which is incredibly useful in carrot production.

Carrot Crop FAQ’s

  • Improve carrot establishment utilising liquid nutrition, usually applied in the seedbed that’s instantly available to the crop. Nutrients in a liquid form are immediately available for plant utilisation, unlike granular alternatives. It’s also key you understand the soils nutritional profile, and what’s available for crop growth – ensure you’re conducting routine soil analysis.

  • Contact your local FACTS qualified OMEX advisor for more support. We work directly with farmers and with trusted distributors to offer excellent quality product and services to suit your farming operation.

  • Crop health is becoming increasingly important with the withdrawal of many chemicals within the farmers arsenal. Ensuring you’re promoting crop health and plants natural defence system will help its growth and uptake of nutrients throughout its life cycle, and will be particularly important during times of stress such as drought or excess rainfall.

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