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Multiflo Liquid NPK + S Fertilisers

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Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser

The Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser range has been technically engineered to offer farmers the most efficient and effective range of NPK plus sulphur compound fertiliser.

Within the Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser range, there are a variety of grades to suit your farming operation including NPK, NP and NK liquid fertilisers, which are all available with sulphur to boost efficiency.

The Best Start For Your Crops

Utilising Multiflo ensures the crop gets off to the best start and ensures optimum nutrition levels thanks to its liquid composition. This allows for easy uptake by the crop.

The unique liquid grades within the Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser range are true compounds, where each droplet contains the complete analysis of nutrients. As a result every square centimetre of crop is guaranteed to receive the required ratio of nitrogen phosphorus, potassium and sulphur applied.

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The Benefits of Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser

The Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser range offers farmers an array of benefits. Liquid NPK+S fertilisers are ideal for placement and starter programmes, with the liquid nutrients key to precision placement.

The accuracy and instant uptake of the liquid fertiliser helps to improve Nutrient Use Efficiency. The flexibility of the Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser range means inhibitors can be simply tank-mixed if conditions require, rather than unnecessary wide-scale usage.

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  • Accurate application
  • 100% soluble P
  • Reduced waste
  • Utilised as a starter fertiliser to aid crop establishment
  • Instant uptake by the crop
  • No plastic package disposal
  • Quality liquid nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur
  • Reduced operator hours
  • One person operation with no heavy bags
  • Simple application even in bad weather
  • Tank storage scheme to reduce waste, improve logistics and space management
  • Application right up to the field margin and not beyond
  • A more sustainable fertiliser choice with no waste, accuracy right up to the field margin, improved nutrient uptake and no over-application
  • Improved investment – utilising the farm sprayer for Multiflo NPKS+S liquid fertiliser applications
Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser application

Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser Grades

The Multiflo range has a variety of different grades to suit all of your farming and cropping needs. This range has been expertly developed to ensure high quality crop nutrition is available for a wide range of growing scenarios.

Which includes NP liquid fertiliser, NK liquid fertiliser, NPK liquid fertiliser with equivalent PK, NPK liquid fertiliser. All grades are available with sulphur for improved efficiency and to assist in preventing sulphur deficiency.

Why We Recommend Using Sulphur In Your NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser

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Multiflo Grades For Growth

N-P N-K NPK (eq.PK) NPK (High P) NPK (High K)



























All grades manufactured with or without 4% SO3

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Multiflo NPK+S Programmes for Crops

Our FACTS qualified advisors are continually working with farmers to ensure our NPK+S liquid fertiliser grades fit with agricultural and crop requirements. Our range of grades offers flexibility for the farmer, and you should always seek guidance from a FACTS qualified advisor on the grade best suited for your farming operation.

Below are some recommended Multiflo NPK+S programmes for crops.


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Recommended Multiflo NPK+S programmes for crops.

Multiflo can be tailored to your specific farming requirements, below is an example of programmes you could consider utilising.


Multiflo NPK+S Grade


Kg/ha N-P-K



1100 l/ha



580 l/ha


Early veg


1250 l/ha


– placed

700 l/ha


Main veg


1200 l/ha


– placed

700 l/ha




300 l/ha




350 l/ha




600 l/ha




1250 l/ha




730 l/ha


Oilseed rape


500 l/ha




1250 l/ha




800 l/ha


1250 l/ha




2,400 l/ha




550 l/ha


Sugar beet


600 l/ha



200 l/ha


Winter cereals


850 l/ha


Winter cereals


570 l/ha



Improving P availability within the soil

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. As phosphorus is key in crop establishment, ensuring it’s applied in the most available form will benefit the crop agronomically, and the ROI financially. Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphate, making it immediately available to the crop following application.

The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate remain available to the crop for longer.


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What are NPK+S fertilisers?

NPK fertilisers consist of three key nutrients for crop growth: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). They’re expertly chosen to offer the crop the vital nutrition it needs to flourish.

The OMEX Multiflo range is comprised of NP, NK and three tiers of NPK grades – equivalent PK, high P and high K. The range has been expertly engineered to offer farmers the most effective choices for every growing situation.

The S symbolises sulphur, which is an important element in crop growth and is available with all Multiflo grades.

Why choose an NPK+S liquid fertiliser?

It’s important the crop is getting the correct levels of nutrition, and as a farm business you’re getting the best levels of efficiency out of the product you apply. NPK+S liquid fertiliser is immediately available for crop growth, without needing time to dissolve into the soil. Liquid fertiliser offers farmers a number of benefits – take a look at our benefits of liquid fertiliser.

Working towards sustainable NPK+S liquid fertiliser

As the agricultural industry moves toward producing in a more sustainable manner, we’re committed to helping farmers on their journey towards a greener future. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we’re dedicated to building a sustainable supply chain.

Our suite of management tools, R&D department and expert knowledge is focused on improving Nutrient Use Efficiencies and helping to farm smarter.

OMEX has been working with farmers across the UK for almost 50 years and has conducted thousands of hours of research, helping to produce more efficiently and successfully. As the leaders in liquid fertiliser we’re committed to our journey of creating a sustainable supply chain.

Our mission is to sustainably feed and power a growing population

As a liquid fertiliser, Multiflo offers farmers a more sustainable option for their NPK+S fertiliser. Unlike granular alternatives, liquid NPK+S Multiflo is applied evenly and accurately right up to the field margin ensuring no fertiliser is spread into adjacent watercourses.

Multiflo is housed within a dedicated farm storage, meaning no plastic bag disposal and any unused product can be returned straight to your on farm storage site, quickly and effectively. OMEX’s UK based distribution team deliver Multiflo from our network of distribution facilities, reducing road miles and utilising the most effective routes to farm.

Learn more about OMEX Sustainability

Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser and Regenerative Agriculture

Conventional agriculture is rapidly adopting regenerative farming practices. Liquid fertiliser will continue to play a valuable part of regenerative agriculture practices:

  • Precise applications – no waste
  • Bespoke to crop needs – from Soil and SAP testing
  • One pass – with a tank on the min till direct drill
  • One pass – utilising inhibitors, enabling additional plant uptake


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bunded tanks OMEX
Dedicated Liquid Fertiliser Tank Storage

OMEX employ a dedicated tank storage scheme team, committed to helping farmers site and maintain their on-farm tank storage. The team has a number of years experience, providing customers with tanks for their Nitroflo NS Liquid Fertiliser for many decades.

Farmers can free up valuable shed and storage space and utilise a dedicated OMEX fertiliser storage tank. The team will help you decide the most effective place for you to site the tank for your farming operations and guide you through the safest bund guidelines, to ensure you’re protecting both your fertiliser and the environment.

More on the safe storage of liquid fertiliser.
Advice on choosing the best NPK+S fertiliser
The FACTS-qualified OMEX team will work with you to establish the most effective package for your crop and your farm. The team have centuries of experience between them, backed with scientific R&D knowledge from the global OMEX research department. Get in touch to speak to your local expert today!
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Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser FAQ’s

  • Liquid fertiliser is instantly available to the crop meaning the nutrients you apply within the Multiflo liquid range is immediately utilised by the growing plant. Liquid fertiliser has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to aid crop establishment. As liquid fertiliser is stored in a dedicated storage tank, valuable farm storage can be freed up for other projects such as farm diversification.

  • Phosphorus plays a vital role in rooting and crop establishment. As phosphorus is prone to lock up, it’s important it’s applied in a soluble form so it’s immediately available to the crop. Multiflo offers a 100% soluble form of P, which unlike granular that takes time to move into the soil, is immediately available for uptake.

  • We supply a variety of different grades for individual farming situations including NPK, NP and NK ratios. You should always consult with a FACTS qualified advisor on which grade would work best for your farming situation, utilising SAP Analysis to help you make the best agronomic decision.

  • You can purchase Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertiliser direct or through a trusted list of distributors. Contact the sales team on 01526 396000 for more advice.

  • At OMEX, we employ a dedicated team of tank inspectors who work with farmers to help identify the safest and most efficient tank location. Our team guide farmers on the specifications and advise on safe storage of liquid fertiliser, including bunding to protect the farm and the environment in the unlikely scenario of a tank spill.

  • Sulphur is scientifically proved to improve the uptake of nitrogen containing fertilisers. As many soils are deficient in sulphur it also helps to prevent deficiency and improve crop health.

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