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Maize Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

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Maize Fertiliser with OMEX

The area of maize grown within the UK has steadily climbed over the past three decades. Maize is a versatile crop utilised from consumption to renewable energy.

OMEX have been working with maize growers for almost 50 years to provide the most efficient maize fertiliser and crop nutrition programmes. As the leader in liquid fertilisers, we offer a full range of liquid fertilisers for maize crops.

Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range, Multiflo liquid NPKS fertiliser range and Speciality liquid nutrition range have been expertly formulated to offer quality liquid fertiliser nutrition for maize crops. Get in touch to discover the best product for your needs!

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Liquid Fertiliser for Maize Crops

OMEX, the leaders in liquid fertiliser, offer the full range of liquid fertiliser for maize crops.

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Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range.

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Multiflo liquid NPKS fertiliser range.

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OMEX speciality range

Speciality liquid nutrition range.

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The benefits of Liquid Fertiliser for Maize Crops

Liquid fertiliser is applied directly where maize requires it which is great because maize crop benefits from the precise nutrition liquid fertiliser offers.

Liquid fertiliser is applied right up to the field margin, ensuring each plant receives the full amount of nutrient required.

Maize crops require rapid establishment, and liquid nutrition supplies the nutrients instantly for this purpose.

There is no plastic bag disposal required when utilising liquid maize fertiliser.

Maize crops supplied with liquid fertilisers are able to instantly uptake the nutrition applied, unlike when granular fertiliser has been applied.

Liquid fertiliser forms part of a regenerative agriculture approach, with no over application of inputs.

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UK Staff

OMEX employ 100+ UK staff to ensure we’re helping farmers achieve their agronomic, financial and sustainable farming goals, as part of the OMEX liquid fertiliser system.

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Maize Establishment

As with other crops it’s important Maize undergoes strong establishment. Establishment is crucial stage in a crops growth cycle and helps to ensure successful growth, quality, health and yield of the plant.

The establishment phase of growth is responsible for rooting that enables nutrient uptake through the maize crops life, making instantly available liquid fertiliser nutrition an excellent choice.

If you need help or advice on how best to establish your maze, give our team a call! With their centuries of combined experience, they are sure to be able to talk you through the best solutions for your needs.

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Multiflo base N P and K for Maize

It’s important that soils growing maize are maintained at P and K indices of 2 or above to produce effectively. It’s important to undertake soil sampling to check you’re not under, or over applying, key nutrients – helping you grow maize more sustainably and the crop is financially viable.

Multiflo has a variety of grades available for optimum maize growth, demonstrated below, however you should keep in communication with your local FACTS qualified advisor to make sure you’re utilising the best grade for your crop.

Contact our team to find out which Multiflo grade is the most suitable for your needs.

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Multiflo Grades For The Full NPKS Requirement

Maize growers can utilise a 9:30:10.5 NPKS plus sulphur liquid fertiliser grade. All Multiflo grades are available with sulphur to improve the efficacy and uptake of the nutrients applied to the crop.

Most of the K is removed at harvest when growing maize, meaning larger K containing fertiliser applications are required. The liquid nutrition within the Multiflo is instantly available to the crop enabling rapid uptake and establishment.

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Multiflo N+P Starter Fertilisers for Maize Crop Establishment

Nitrogen and Phosphorus are key elements to aid rapid maize crop establishment. OMEX have researched the most effective formulations, timings and application methods to aid with starter fertiliser establishment.

In maize, rapid early establishment is the key to obtaining high DM yields either for anaerobic digestion plants or for animal fodder. Multiflo maize fertiliser is ideal for accurate precision placement, and the improved availability can also allow lower application rates.

Maize growers can utilise a 17-6-0 + S NPKS plus sulphur liquid fertiliser grade. All Multiflo grades are available with sulphur to improve the efficacy and uptake of the nutrients applied to the crop.

This grade supplies the crop with 150kg of Nitrogen and 50kg of potassium when applied at 730L/ha.

Soluble P for Maize Establishment

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. Phosphorus is key in maize establishment, responsible for producing rooting, so ensuring it’s applied in it’s most available form will benefit the crop agronomically and financially.

Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphorus, making it immediately available to the crop upon application. The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate remain available to the crop for longer.

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Liquid Nitrogen Maize Fertiliser

OMEX offer Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers for maize crops. Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be utilised post drilling and pre-emergence of the crop.

Maize requires nitrogen for healthy growth, quality and formation of the cob, and supplying in a liquid form means it’s instantly available to the crop. As a large quantity of nitrogen needs to be applied pre-emergence it’s important the nitrogen is available within an easily absorbed form, such as liquid fertiliser.

However to ensure the nitrogen remains where the crop needs it for longer it’s ideal to utilise an inhibitor such as DIDIN. If you’re unsure what would work best for your crops, contact our team for some expert advice.

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DIDIN Nitrification Inhibitor on Maize

DIDIN is a nitrification inhibitor that helps improve nitrogen use efficiency of the fertiliser applied. Produced using NprotectioN technology DIDIN allows the full season’s nitrogen requirement to be applied at one time, whilst reducing leaching losses, which is particularly important in maize production.

A CPM showed that 59% of farmers recognised that nitrate leaching leads to financial losses on farms, and 75% of farmers were looking to farm more sustainably. DIDIN forms a key part of regenerative agriculture, as it reduces the amount of passes needed onto the land and has no negative effect on soil health.

Working Towards Sustainable Maize Fertiliser

As the maize industry moves toward producing in a more sustainable manner, we’re committed to helping maize farmers on their journey towards a greener future. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment, we’re dedicated to forming a sustainable supply chain. Our suite of management tools, R&D department and expert knowledge is improving Nutrient Use Efficiencies and helping to farm smarter.

OMEX has been working with maize farmers across the UK for almost 50 years and has conducted thousands of hours of research, helping to produce more efficiently and successfully.

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The importance of Sulphur in Maize

Historically, maize was grown in rotations with often large inputs of manure and slurry, which usually provided sufficient sulphur for the crop.
With maize being increasingly grown outside livestock areas it is important to consider the sulphur requirement of the crop and an application of 50-75 kg/ha SO3 particularly on light soils is usually required.

Both Multiflo and Nitroflo liquid fertiliser is available with Sulphur to improve nitrogen use efficiency and prevent sulphur deficiency. You can read more about utilising sulphur in liquid fertiliser applications or contact our team for advice.

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Foliar urea on Maize

OMEX offers foliar methylene urea in the form of Folex MU35. Folex MU35 an effective foliar treatment for crops that require continual supply of foliar nitrogen to achieve optimum yield performance.

Foliar urea in the form of Folex MU35 has been demonstrated to improve biomass, ground cover percentage and harvest weights of the cob.

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Nutrients and Deficiencies in Maize Crops
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