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Brassica Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

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A Popular UK Grown Crop

Brassicas are a popular crop grown within the UK, from Scotland to the south of England there’s an estimated 30,000ha of them grown. Common brassica crops include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. OMEX have been working with brassica growers for almost 50 years to provide the most efficient brassica fertiliser and crop nutrition programmes.

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Working With Farmers

OMEX has been working with brassica growers for almost 50 years to provide the most efficient brassica fertiliser and crop nutrition programmes.

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Working Towards Sustainable Brassica Fertiliser

As the vegetable industry moves toward producing in a more sustainable manner, we’re committed to helping brassica farmers on their journey towards a greener future. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we’re dedicated to forming a sustainable supply chain. Our suite of management tools, R&D department and expert knowledge is improving Nutrient Use Efficiencies and helping to farm smarter.

OMEX has been working with brassica farmers across the UK for almost 50 years and has conducted thousands of hours of research, helping to produce more efficiently and successfully. Get in touch to let us

Greener Planet Commitment
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Liquid Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition for Brassica Crops

OMEX, the leaders in liquid fertiliser, offer the full range of liquid fertiliser and nutrition for brassica crops.

Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range, Multiflo liquid NPKS fertiliser range and Speciality liquid nutrition range have been expertly formulated to offer quality liquid fertiliser nutrition for brassica crops.

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Multiflo NPK+S Liquid Fertiliser Grades

The benefits of Liquid Fertiliser for Brassica Crops
Liquid fertiliser, both Nitroflo (PAGE LINK) N+S and Multiflo (PAGE LINK) NPKS, offer a variety of benefits for brassica growers

  • Liquid fertiliser is applied directly where brassicas require it
  • Liquid fertiliser is ideal for placement of nutrition
  • Growing a sustainable brassica crop benefits from the precise nutrition liquid fertiliser offers
  • Liquid brassica fertiliser is applied right up to the field margin, ensuring each plant receives the full amount of nutrient required
  • Brassica crops require rapid establishment, and liquid nutrition supplies the nutrients instantly for this purpose
  • There is no plastic bag disposal required when utilising liquid fertilisers
  • Brassica crops supplied with liquid fertilisers are able to instantly uptake the nutrition applied, unlike when granular fertiliser has been applied
  • Liquid fertiliser forms part of a regenerative agriculture approach, with no over application of inputs
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Sampling Soil and Growing Brassica Crops

Understanding the nutritional status of the soil ahead of transplanting brassica crops is vital. Brassicas are high value crops and it’s key they’re grown to the highest quality, meeting buyers specifications.

Understanding the soil you’re growing in will enable you to utilise the most appropriate brassica fertiliser. Once the crop is established brassicas, like other crops, are vulnerable to stress and deficiencies – utilising analyses of the growing crop will ensure the best agronomic decisions are made on utilising crop nutrition inputs for growth.

Find out more about OMEX soil and SAP analysis services, or contact our tam for more help!

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Brassica Establishment

As brassicas are planted as modules it’s important to aid brassica establishment by supplying the rapidly growing crop with the correct levels of fertiliser and nutrition. Adequate supplies of readily available nutrition will help the brassica crop to create healthy, quality produce.

Rooting into the soil during establishment requires keen attention to help the brassica crop flourish throughout the growing season, as a strong root structure enables the plant to uptake nutrition more effectively. The instantly available nutrition within liquid fertiliser makes it an excellent choice for brassica growers.

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N&P Starter fertiliser for Brassicas

To provide the newly planted brassica module with the optimum levels of nutrition the Multiflo liquid NPKS range makes an excellent choice. Brassica growers can utilise a Multiflo N+P starter grade to supply the crop with a healthy dose of nitrogen, and phosphorus to aid establishment.

Multiflo can is best utilised in a placement system for brassicas, and it can be utilised in spot watering. Utilising a Multiflo 7-20 to apply 20kg/ha of nitrogen and 60kg/ha of phosphorus, injected close to the newly planted brassica modules will ensure the establishing crop has access to available P. The liquid N&P will ensure the brassica crop roots and establishes quickly.

Higher rates of NPK and S brassica fertiliser can be used to provide season-long rates of nutrition:


Early veg


1250 l/ha


+24S injected or placed with cultivator

– placed


700 l/ha


+24S injected or placed with cultivator

Main veg


1200 l/ha


+24S injected or placed with cultivator

– placed


700 l/ha


+24S injected or placed with cultivator

Improving P availability in Brassica soils

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. Phosphorus is key in brassica establishment, responsible for producing rooting. Ensuring that the P is applied in it’s most available form will benefit the crop agronomically and financially. Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphorus, making it immediately available to the crop upon application.

The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate remain available to the crop for longer.


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Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser for Brassicas

OMEX offer Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers for brassica crops. Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be utilised post drilling and pre-emergence of the crop. Nitroflo can be utilised pre-planting or injected post planting.

Pre planting liquid nitrogen brassica fertiliser: This application of Nitroflo for brassicas can be applied over the entire field or branded where the plants are planned to be planted. The accuracy of the liquid nitrogen within Nitroflo ensures the Brassica crop will be planted in nitrogen and sulphur rich soil.

Post planting placement liquid nitrogen fertiliser for Brassicas: This is a popular method of utilising Nitroflo liquid nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser for brassicas. It can be utilised as a contract service, a separate pass or during inter-row cultivation. Placement provides the growing brassica crop with much higher Nitrogen Use Efficiency than broadcasting. Precision application ensures the transplants establish and grow quickly.

It’s important the nitrogen applied is available within an easily absorbed form, such as liquid fertiliser. However to ensure the nitrogen brassica fertiliser remains where the crop needs it for longer it’s ideal to utilise an inhibitor such as DIDIN.

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The importance of Sulphur in Brassicas

Most brassica crops have a relatively high requirement for sulphur and adequate levels of sulphur are required for improved taste in a number of vegetable crops.

Sulphur is also required to ensure efficient nitrogen utilisation in vegetable crops, with deficiency often resulting in reduced nitrogen responses. Application of 40-50 kg/ha SO3 is recommended in responsive situations.
Sulphur for brassicas can be included with the liquid fertiliser application, with Nitroflo and Multiflo both available with sulphur inclusion.

If crops require additional sulphur they can receive a healthy dose of foliar nutrition in the form of Sulphomex.

The Importance Of Sulphur Inclusion
Brassica Fertiliser | OMEX

Crop Nutrition for Brassicas

Utilising crop nutrition can aid brassica healthy, growth, yield, development and quality. OMEX supply quality liquid crop nutrition within a plant available form. Our dedicated crop nutrition team is supported with FACTS and BASIS qualified advisors who can guide you on the most effective crop nutrition programme for your specific brassica crop.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you grow your brassica crop more efficiently.

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Brassica FAQs
  • Brassica establishment can be aided by utilising the correct level of nutrition and optimising phosphate nutrition. Consider soil sampling ahead of module transplant to understand the nutritional status of the soil you’re growing with. Take into consideration previous cropping cycles grown within the field. Utilising liquid fertiliser nutrition will supply the brassica crop with readily available nutrients for the speedy growth it requires.

  • Improving efficiencies of growing your brassica crop can be achieved in some simple steps. Always discuss your brassica fertiliser plans with a FACTS Qualified Advisor. A qualified advisor who has extensive industry experience, such as the OMEX team, will help you plan the most agronomically and financially viable fertilise regime. Utilising an inhibitor with your liquid fertiliser application will also improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency, reducing emissions and helping the nitrogen stay crop available for longer.

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