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M36+ Spring Applied NPKS Liquid Fertiliser

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M36+ Spring Applied NPKS for Cereals

Multiflo System

Introducing M36+ OMEX’s new range of spring applied NPK+S liquid fertiliser system for cereals. Part of the Multiflo family, M36+ offers farmers the ultimate NPK+S liquid fertiliser nutrition, utilising carefully selected grades for application with the first nitrogen application on cereals.

The M36+ package provides care, wisdom and the full nutrient analysis into every droplet, ensuring your first nitrogen application G20 cereal crops get the boost they need.

M36+ NPK for cereals

What is M36+?

M36+ is a range of Multiflo NPK+S liquid fertilisers formulated for cereal application in the spring. It’s a programme carefully curated to offer farmers the full NPK+S requirement within a singular spring application across the full 36m, or wider, boom. Each droplet contains a fully soluble form of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur for enhanced efficiency and uptake by the cereal crop.

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Why choose a spring applied liquid NPK+S fertiliser?

for your cereal crop

Spring growth is essential in producing a high quality, high yielding cereal crop. During this vital growth stage it’s critical that the cereal crop has access to readily available liquid nutrition.

Traditionally farmers apply their P&K nutrients in an autumn application, which is not ideal. P is incredibly prone to lock up and becomes less accessible as the crop continues to grow, particularly as crops start growth in the srping. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for cereals, promoting ongoing growth and rooting.

M36+ applies the right ratio of NPK+S during the pivotal spring growth period, with the liquid form ensuring it’s instantly available for crop uptake.

The benefits of M36+ spring NPK+S The disadvantages of autumn applied P&K
Including P,K&S with your nitrogen application Nutrients prone to lock up or movement down the profile, away from the root zone
Time saving, one combined application  Additional applications required, fertiliser needs offloading, storing and carting to field during busy autumn
Reduction of passes over the soil Additional passes required
Spring applied nutrients offer fresh, available nutrition to the growing crop P availability diminished before spring demand &K  potentially moved active roots
Direct response by immediate crop, with residual impact on indices, depending on rate applied Tends to maintain indices over a long time period
Application saving Additional application cost
The full NPK+S nutrition content applied accurately in a liquid form across the entire boom Lower accuracy of application

Liquid NPK + S Fertiliser versus Granular

Liquid nutrition offers farmers a variety of benefits. As the leaders in liquid fertiliser, OMEX have been researching, developing and offering liquid fertiliser to farmers for almost 50 years. We’ve developed the Multiflo range to offer ultimate crop uptake.

Take a look at how efficient Multiflo is!

liquid fertiliser application

Liquid V Granular NPK + S Fertiliser

Liquid nutrition offers farmers a variety of benefits. As the leaders in liquid fertiliser, OMEX have been researching, developing and offering liquid fertiliser to farmers for almost 50 years.

Spring applied NPK+S fertiliser in liquid form is an excellent choice for cereal growers.

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Liquid NPK+S Fertiliser Granular NPK+S Fertilisers
Application right up to the field margin Unable to apply directly up to the field margin – edge effect issues
Liquid nutrition is instantly available to the growing crop Granular takes time to become available for crop growth
One person operation More handling required
Dedicated storage tank Secure indoor storage space required, utilising valuable farm resources
100% soluble P Insoluble form of P
A range of NPKS ratios available Limited choice of analyses
No packaging disposal Bag disposal and product wastage
M36+ Multiflo Liquid NPKS for Cereals

How To Apply M36+

M36+ spring applied liquid NPK+S fertilisers can be applied through any sprayer, utilising streambars or standard fertiliser top-dressing nozzles to stream it onto the crop. The tank or bowser should be filled with the required levels of M36+ liquid fertiliser and applied directly onto the cereal crop at first nitrogen top-dressing stage.

Any unused fertiliser can be simply returned to the storage tank, helping to promote a more sustainable fertiliser operation.

Including ,P, K &S with the first nitrogen application makes much more effective use of time, supplying the crop with the nutrients it needs to promote growth and achieve yield and maintain soil indices.

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