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Nitroflo Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser

Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser
Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser application

Nitroflo Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser

The Nitroflo Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser range has rapidly grown in popularity thanks to the agronomic, financial, practical and sustainable benefits it offers farmers. We’re the leaders in liquid fertiliser, with our business offering liquid fertiliser to UK farmers for almost 50 years.

The OMEX Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range can significantly increase yields and improve efficiency in all agricultural settings. Our technical ability and industry relationships has enabled us to provide the most effective liquid fertiliser for farmers when they need it.

The Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertiliser range has been specially formulated to offer some of the most concentrated liquid nitrogen nutrition available in the UK.

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The Benefits of Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser

The Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range offers a variety of benefits to farmers and they are ideal for precision placement in the soil, reducing emissions and improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency. The flexibility of the Nitroflo liquid fertiliser range means inhibitors can be simply tank-mixed if conditions require, rather than unnecessary, wide scale usage.

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The Benefits Of Nitroflo

  • Accurate application
  • Increased tramline widths, up to 52m
  • Reduced waste
  • No plastic package disposal
  • Three liquid nitrogen sources – ammonium, nitrate and urea
  • Reduced operator hours
  • One person operation with no heavy bags or storage
  • Simple application even in bad weather
  • Tank storage scheme to reduce waste, improve logistics and space management
  • Application right up to the field margin and not beyond
  • A more sustainable fertiliser choice with no waste, accuracy across the boom right up to the field margin, improved nutrient uptake and no over-application
  • Improved investment – utilising the farm sprayer for liquid fertiliser applications
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Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser grades

Our range of Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertilisers offers an array of options for farmers:

  • Nitroflo 30
  • Nitroflo 28+S
  • Nitroflo 26+S
  • Nitroflo 24+S
  • Nitroflo 22+S
  • Nitroflo 20+S
  • Nitroflo 15+S

Read more about why we recommend utilising sulphur in your liquid nitrogen fertiliser grade to improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency.

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Innovating Through Investing Time and Resources

As an innovative business, we’re always developing ways to deliver quality, cost-effective, liquid fertiliser to farmers when they need it. Our latest developments have seen us welcome the largest UAN liquid fertiliser vessels the UK and the port of Dundee have ever seen, offering Nitroflo liquid fertiliser to farmers across the country.

Helping you Grow With The Flow

11 dedicated storage sites delivering liquid fertiliser when you need it
100+ UK staff including FACTS and BASIS qualified advisors
540,000 tonnes of annual storage capacity
A family run UK business passionate about supporting and improving UK agriculture for future generations
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Delivering fertiliser when it’s needed with our 11 distribution hubs

OMEX have 11 strategically positioned liquid fertiliser hubs across the UK, from Scotland to the South of England. Our investment into our liquid fertiliser network ensures farmers are receiving their fertiliser when they need it, with reduced miles to farm.

Our UK based distribution team utilise cutting edge transport planning data, combined with their years of experience to deliver our liquid fertiliser as efficiently as possible. Our fleet of 300+ road tankers utilise our state of the art loading system, working on a closed exchange system, meaning the first time our liquid fertiliser sees the atmosphere is when it’s being applied to the crop.

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Growing With OMEX

Here’s what family farmers, Tongs Farm, had to say about their positive relationship with OMEX

Our 6 Simple Steps To Help You Switch To Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser


Get in contact with us, we’re here to help you on your liquid fertiliser journey!


Your local FACTS qualified advisor will visit your farm, taking time to discuss with you your financial, agronomic and sustainable liquid nitrogen fertiliser requirements


One of our tank inspector team will visit your farm, supporting you on the most efficient place to locate your OMEX liquid fertiliser storage tank for your farming operation


Once your bund is in place to safely store your liquid fertiliser we’ll deliver our high quality storage tank, freeing up valuable shed space


One of our 300+ road tankers will deliver your quality Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertiliser from the most optimally located one of our eleven distribution hubs, ensuring you have your fertiliser when you need it


We’re here to continually support you throughout the conversion process, growing season and beyond. Our R&D department is continuously testing and refining our liquid fertiliser to ensure you’re applying the highest quality liquid fertiliser at the most effective rates

Growing With OMEX

Here’s what Andrew Ward, MBE had to say on their experience of utilising OMEX Nitroflo liquid fertiliser and growing with OMEX.

Andrew Ward Liquid Fertiliser

The same as everybody who’s switched to liquid – we wish we’d done it years ago.

Andrew Ward, MBE

Andrew Ward OMEX

Working towards sustainable liquid nitrogen fertiliser

As the agricultural industry moves toward producing in a more sustainable manner, we’re committed to helping farmers on their journey towards a greener future. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we’re dedicated to building a sustainable supply chain. Our suite of management tools, R&D department and expert knowledge is focused on improving Nitrogen Use Efficiencies and helping to farm smarter.

OMEX has been working with farmers across the UK for almost 50 years and has conducted thousands of hours of research, helping to produce more efficiently and successfully. As the leaders in liquid fertiliser we’re committed to our journey of creating a sustainable supply chain.

Our Greener Planet Commitment

Our mission is to sustainably feed and power a growing population Our Greener Planet Commitment
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Liquid fertiliser has many environmental benefits

No wastage

Bulk liquid fertiliser can be returned to the storage tank if it’s not all needed, making your fertiliser application much more sustainable, with no over applying of unnecessary product.

Improved accuracy

Liquid fertiliser is quickly absorbed into the ground and utilised by the crop. Unlike granular fertiliser liquid is directly absorbed, where the crop needs it, avoiding run off into nearby watercourses.

No plastic packaging

OMEX liquid fertilisers are supplied in dedicated tanks, negating wasteful plastic packaging and cost. We employ a team of tank inspectors to work with you on placing your tank in the most environmentally friendly and practical location.

Reducing Emissions

Inhibitors form a key part of ensuring liquid fertilisers remain a sustainable choice. DIDIN reduces nitrous oxide emissions and reduces carbon footprint. NitroShield reduces the risk of ammonia emissions, offering flexible inhibitor inclusion.

Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser application
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Decarbonising Liquid Fertiliser

Our procurement team are actively sourcing lower carbon raw materials to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and products, passing reductions onto farmers. On our mission to develop a circular economy, our R&D function is researching the most innovative sources to lower the carbon footprint of existing products and supply new green ranges.

We’re evaluating blue, green and white ammonia as the next step in our sustainability journey.


Liquid Fertiliser and Regenerative Agriculture

Conventional agriculture is rapidly adopting regenerative farming practices. As regenerative agriculture practices continue to grow and develop in mainstream agriculture production, we’re poised to help farmers on this journey.

Liquid fertiliser complies with some of the key pillars of regenerative farming, such as simply and accurately applying inputs needed specific for crop growth, helping provide maximum biodiversity in field margins and within-field strips by avoiding excessive nutrient application on these sensitive areas and providing chemical that have been supplied in nature ever since farming started combining animals and crop production. Liquid fertiliser will continue to play a valuable part of regenerative agriculture practices:

  • Precise applications  –  no waste.
  • Bespoke to crop needs  –  from soil analysis and SAP analysis.
  • One pass  –  with a tank on the min till direct drill.
  • One pass  –  utilising inhibitors, enabling additional plant uptake

Reducing Fertiliser Emissions with Fertiliser Inhibitors

OMEX have developed a suite of liquid fertiliser inhibitors that are safe to use on soils, reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of the fertiliser applied.

Both DIDIN and NitroShield are supplied separately to our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser range so farmers can make the most agronomic and sustainable inhibitor choices for their crop and farm. When deciding which inhibitor to utilise speak to your FACTS qualified advisor who will help with an assessment on which input works best for your agricultural goals.



View NitroShield

DIDIN is a nitrification inhibitor the allows the full seasons nitrogen requirement to applied in a single pass, reducing operator hours and passes over the soil. The nitrogen is held where it needs to be in the soil and is crop available for longer with the use of DIDIN.

DIDIN also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the fertiliser applied whilst reducing nitrous oxide emissions.


NitroShield is a urease inhibitor that reduces ammonia emissions by more than 70% making the liquid nitrogen fertiliser application even more efficient whilst improving yield and protein levels. NitroShield meets government guidance on inhibiting urea containing fertiliser and meets Red Tractor Farm Assurance standards.

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Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser FAQs

  • Liquid fertiliser is rapidly available to the crop meaning the nitrogen you apply in the Nitroflo form starts to be immediately utilised by the growing plant. Liquid fertiliser has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to aid crop establishment. As liquid fertiliser is stored in a dedicated storage tank, valuable farm storage can be freed up for other projects such as farm diversification.

  • You can purchase Nitroflo liquid fertiliser direct or through a trusted list of distributors. Contact the sales team on 01526 396000 for more advice.

  • At OMEX, we employ a dedicated team of tank inspectors who work with farmers to help establish the safest and most efficient tank location. Our team guide farmers on the specifications and advise on safe storage of liquid fertiliser, including bunding to protect the farm and the environment in the unlikely scenario of a tank spill.

  • Current application methods have virtually eliminated scorch and by following a few simple guidelines, scorch is not a problem.

  • Whilst all nitrogen fertiliser can be mildly corrosive to unprotected steel, cleaning down a sprayer after applying the liquid fertiliser will avoid any issues. The sprayer condition if maintained correctly will deteriorate no more than if it was used for conventional spraying along.

  • The price of OMEX liquid nitrogen fertiliser has for many years been competitive against granular alternatives, and offers a great return on investment thanks to it’s superior uptake by the crop

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