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Onion and Leek Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

onion and leek fertiliser
onion and leek fertiliser and crop nutrition

Onion and Leek Fertiliser

Supporting Onion Farmers

For almost 50 years OMEX has been working with farmers to support their onion and leek fertilisers and crop nutrition needs. Our dedicated team of FACTS qualified agronomists and international R&D department are finding innovative ways to improve onion and leek crop health, whilst improving nutrient use efficiency,

OMEX has been working with onion and leek growers for almost fifty years, supplying them with quality fertiliser and crop nutrition support. The crops are incredibly important to UK food production with approximately 450,000 tonnes of onions and 45,000 tonnes of leeks grown in the UK each year.

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Liquid Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition for Onion and Leek Crops

We offer a range of onion and leek liquid fertilisers, specific to the crops’ growing stages and nutritional needs.

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Our Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur onion and leek fertiliser range.

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Multiflo liquid NPKS onion and leek fertiliser range.

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OMEX speciality range

Speciality liquid nutrition range.

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The benefits of Liquid Fertiliser for Onion and Leek Crops

Liquid fertiliser, both Nitroflo N+S and Multiflo NPKS, offer a variety of benefits for onion and leek growers.

  • Liquid fertiliser is applied directly where onion and leeks require it
  • The precise nutrition liquid fertiliser offers helps in growing onion and leek crops more sustainably
  • Liquid fertiliser is applied right up to the field margin, ensuring each plant receives the full amount of nutrient required
  • Establishment is key in onion and leek production and liquid nutrition supplies the nutrients instantly for this purpose
  • There is no plastic bag disposal required when utilising liquid fertilisers
  • Onion and leek crops supplied with liquid fertilisers are able to instantly uptake the nutrition applied, unlike when granular fertiliser has been applied
  • Liquid fertiliser forms part of a regenerative agriculture approach, with no over application of inputs
  • OMEX employ FACTS qualified advisors to help you utilise the most effective onion and leek fertiliser options

Growing With You

We’ve been supporting onion and leek growers for almost 50 years. With over 100 UK staff dedicated to UK agriculture, we’re here to improve on-farm efficiency and help you choose the most suitable liquid fertiliser programme for your crop.

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Multiflo NPK + S Onion and Leek Fertiliser

When growing onion and leek crops it’s important to regularly monitor soils to ensure optimal indices are maintained. This can be achieved through routine soil sampling. Understanding the nutritional status of your soil will help you in choosing the most effective NPK + S fertiliser grade for your onion and leek crops.

Multiflo can be applied pre-planting or injected into the seedbed for optimum uptake. It has a variety of grades available for optimum onion and leek growth, demonstrated below, however you should keep in communication with your local FACTS Qualified Advisor to make sure you’re utilising the best grade for your onion and leek crop.

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NPK + S fertiliser for Onions


Onion growers can utilise at 10-5-9+S Multiflo grade, for example, at a rate of 1250L/ha to supply the onion crop with 150kg/ha of nitrogen, 75kg/ha of phosphorus and 140kg/ha of potassium, whilst providing the crop with a healthy dose of sulphur for improved NUE and reducing the possibility of sulphur deficiency.

NPK + S fertiliser for Leeks

15-3.5-7.5 +S

An example of use on leeks; growers can utilise a 15-3.5-7.5 +S Multiflo grade at a rate of 1250L/ha to supply the leek crop with 225kg/ha of nitrogen, 50kg/ha of phosphorus and 110kg/ha of potassium, whilst providing the crop with a healthy dose of sulphur for improved NUE and reducing the risk of sulphur deficiency.

Soluble P for Onion and Leek Establishment

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. Phosphorus is key in both onion and leek establishment, responsible for producing rooting. Ensuring phosphorus is applied in it’s most available form will benefit the crop agronomically and financially. Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphorus, making it immediately available to the crop upon application.

The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has therefore developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate remain available to the crop for longer.

The Power Of Polymex

Improving P availability within onion and leek fertiliser.

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Onion and Leek Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser

OMEX offer Nitroflo liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers for onion and leek crops where required. Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be utilised within the seedbed pre or post-drilling. Supplying nitrogen in a liquid form means it’s instantly available to the crop. It’s important to ensure the nitrogen remains where the crop needs it so ideal to utilise an inhibitor such as DIDIN.

“When we realised that our fertiliser regime needed addressing we used the opportunity of the Cereals event to go and see OMEX to discuss our concerns and options.”

Mr Caton, Onion Farmer

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