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Oilseed Rape Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition

oilseed rape fertiliser
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Oilseed Rape Fertiliser

Ensuring Optimal Growth & Quality

OMEX provides fertiliser for oilseed rape, alongside a wide range of crop nutrition and technical services to ensure farmers achieve high quality and yield when growing the crop. Oilseed Rape, also known as OSR, is a widely grown crop within the UK.

However, in recent years the crop has faced pressures, meaning strong establishment and crop health are vitally important. The crop continues to offer strong returns when successfully grown to harvest, ensuring a good return on investment when providing the crop with adequate amounts of crop nutrition.

Due to pest pressure such as cabbage stem flea beetle and environmental weather pressures, it is key that OSR was established rapidly. The early growth stages are critical, from germination and emergence to establishment particularly when the crop is planted in poor conditions.

You can see how much OSR has been planted this season utilising AHDB’s monitoring tool. Get in touch if you need more help or specialist advice.

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oilseed rape fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser for Oilseed Rape

As highlighted above it’s of critical importance the oilseed rape crop establishes effectively. Supplying the crop with optimum levels of liquid fertiliser will aid establishment, rooting and longer term plant health.

OMEX liquid fertilisers offer a number of benefits to Oilseed Rape growers:

  • Liquid fertiliser offers immediate uptake to oilseed rape crops
  • Greater accuracy, right up to the field margin, ensuring each oilseed rape plant receives the optimal rate of fertiliser
  • Precision placement of starter fertiliser doses
  • Growing oilseed rape sustainably – only utilise how much liquid fertiliser you need for the crop
  • Dedicated storage – OMEX offer storage tanks on farm

It’s important Oilseed Rape crops are supplied with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur with base fertiliser applications. The key macro nutrients are available within OMEX’s base fertiliser ranges Nitroflo and Multiflo.

Multiflo Base N P and K for Oilseed Rape

It’s important that soils growing oilseed rape are maintained at P and K indices of 2 or above to produce effectively. Ensure you’re utilising a soil sampling service to check you’re not under, or over applying, key nutrients – helping you grow oilseed rape more sustainably and financially viable.

Multiflo has a variety of grades available for optimum growth, demonstrated below, however you should keep in communication with your local FACTS qualified advisor to make sure you’re utilising the best grade for your crop.

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Multiflo Grades for the full NPKS requirement

9:9:9 +S

Application of 30 kg/ha NPK plus sulphur is an excellent approach to maintaining indices and aiding good establishment and all Multiflo grades are available with sulphur to improve the efficacy and uptake of the nutrients applied to the crop.

If different ratios of P and K are required, according to soil indices, different products are available for application, along with the standard 40 kg/ha nitrogen applied for establishment.

wosdr seedbed

Multiflo N+P Starter Fertilisers for Oilseed Rape Establishment

Nitrogen and Phosphorus are key elements to aid rapid Oilseed Rape establishment. OMEX have researched the most effective formulations, timings and application methods to aid with starter fertiliser establishment.

In the trial below, conducted at Agrii’s iFarm, OMEX’s Multiflo grade 14:14:0 provided the best outcome at harvest, with it’s instant uptake liquid formulation out-performing the granular alternative.

The OMEX 14:14:0 gave the highest final yield, +0.54 t/ha (+19%) over the untreated control, and +0.22 t/ha over the next best treatment. Utilising Farmers Weekly (LINK 3) crop spot prices at the time of trial the economic return of utilising the Multiflo NP starter fertiliser for Oilseed Rape was as follows:

Economic Return:
Cost of application, 60 l/ha 14:14:0 on the drill ÂŁ22.00/ha
Additional yield 0.54 t/ha @ ÂŁ297/tonne * ÂŁ160.38/ha
Net Return ÂŁ138.38/ha
Return on Investment 7.3 : 1

oilseed rape fertiliser

Soluble P for Oilseed Rape Establishment

Phosphorus is prone to lock up in soils, particularly in high pH and magnesium-rich soils. As phosphorus is key in oilseed rape establishment ensuring it’s applied in it’s most available form will benefit the crop agronomically, and the ROI financially.

Multiflo has been expertly formulated to contain a 100% soluble form of phosphorus, making it immediately available to the crop upon application.


The longer the phosphorus remains in the soil, the more unavailable it becomes to the crop. OMEX has developed Polymex a unique additive that helps the phosphate remain available to the crop for longer.

oilseed rape video polymex
oil yield

Multiflo Trials

Trials conducted utilising Multiflo grade 7:20:0 starter fertiliser on winter oilseed rape, demonstrated a positive response to the inclusion of Polymex, improving the overall oil yield of the harvested oilseed rape crop.

The trial, ran in collaboration with Crop Intellect (link 5) identified the Polymex treatment as the most effective, offering the best economic benefits to the oilseed rape crop.

The following images captured during the trial demonstrate the improved rooting response from the inclusion of Polymex with the NP starter fertiliser for oilseed rape.

Figure 1: 7:20:0

Figure 2: 7:20:0 with Polymex

Figure 3: untreated control

Nitroflo – Nitrogen and Sulphur for topdressing Oilseed Rape

Oilseed rape crops require spring applications of nitrogen and sulphur for top dressing, and can be split into two applications. However, a singule application can be made utilising the nitrification inhibitor DIDIN.

The OMEX Nitroflo range offers accurate liquid NS fertilisers for oilseed rape crops – offering the many benefits liquid fertilisers have to offer. The quality nitrogen grades are available with sulphur to aid uptake and assist in remedying deficiency, particularly in traditionally deficient soils.

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Foliar Nitrogen for Oilseed Rape

Nitrogen is key to maintaining oilseed rape canopy, pod and stem greenness to produce yield. Oilseed rape doesn’t take up soil nitrogen after flowering meaning foliar applications of nitrogen are essential, to maintain crop performance and photosynthesis to fill the potentially large numbers of seeds set.

For the best results, foliar nitrogen should be applied at the end of flowering (after 90-95% petal fall) using normal spray nozzles to coat the pods, stems and upper leaves. Checking the crop for nutrient levels with SAP Analysis will give you an in-depth analysis of what nutrients the crop is lacking, and an agronomist will advise on the best course of action for your crop.

SAP Analysis

Oilseed Extra

Oilseed Extra is a foliar spray containing nitrogen, sulphur, magnesium and key micronutrients to improve efficacy and uptake. Oilseed Extra is utilised to boost oilseed rape yield by boosting the nitrogen content during the critical pod and seed development stages, and provides a greater yield increase than with simple foliar nitrogen, such as urea alone.

In trials Oilseed Extra gave double the increase of straight urea. In 26 positive trials the average yield response in oilseed rape was 0.3 t/ha to 40-50kg of N applied at or after flowering.

You can read more here about Frontier Oilseed Rape trials.

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Sustainably Growing Oilseed Rape

OMEX is supporting farmers in growing oilseed rape sustainably. From working on reducing the carbon footprint of the fertilisers we supply, to supporting farmers in improving efficiencies on-farm. The OMEX liquid fertiliser and crop nutrition system support a sustainable oilseed rape production.

Accuracy of the nutrients applied through a liquid system, no plastic packaging and the ability to only utilise the nutrients and fertiliser needed, compliment farmers sustainable goals. We’re working to develop sustainable oilseed rape fertiliser.

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Oilseed Rape Crop FAQs

  • Ensure your oilseed rape crop gets off to the best start utilising liquid nutrition, usually placed near the seed that’s instantly available to the crop. Nutrients in a liquid form are immediately available for plant utilisation, unlike granular alternatives. It’s also key you understand the soils nutritional profile, and what’s available for crop growth – ensure you’re conducting routine soil analysis.

  • Yes, foliar applied nitrogen has been demonstrated to improve yield in oilseed rape yield. Utilise a formulation such as Oilseed Extra that’s been researched, tried and tested to ensure you’re applying a quality formulation capable of delivering a respectable return on investment

  • Firstly, it’s key you understand the agronomic and financial expectations of the crop. On-farm sustainability must include financial sustainability so utilising a programme that delivers environmental alongside financial benefits is key. Ensure you understand your soil, promoting soil health and ensuring your indices do not go below index 2.

    During active growth utilise SAP analysis so you can gain a true understanding of the nutritional status of the crop, this will ensure you only apply what is absolutely necessary for the crop, not over or under utilising inputs available to you. It’s also important to promote plant health throughout the growing cycle. A healthier plant is much better able to withstand the many stresses it faces throughout its life. Consider utilising inhibitors when growing your oilseed rape crop, making your fertiliser applications more efficient.

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