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04 July 2014

Nutritional Agronomy Note

Blackgrass Problems? Do you have any fields that look like this?

w296_4924502_blackgrass1  w296_4924849_blackgrass2

With unprecedented levels of blackgrass in cereals this year, farmers and agronomists are reviewing how they can improve their blackgrass control.Avadex Excel is well known to provide an excellent corner stone to weed control strategies , but the challenge is finding an efficient and accurate way to apply the product.

How to apply Avadex this AutumnEffective control relies on complete and even coverage and one of the most accurate and convenient ways to apply Avadex is in contractor-applied OMEX suspension fertilisers.



Avadex application with Omex Suspension fertiliser is fully recommended by Gowan.

Avadex is tank-mixed in the sprayer during loading of the fertiliser.



Advantages of applying Avadex Excel 15G
in OMEX suspension fertilisers

  • 36 metre, accurate, low ground pressure fertiliser application
  • Unbeatable accuracy of Avadex Excel application – even to the field margin
  • Excellent efficacy of the Avadex Excel:
    • Granules are distributed evenly across the soil surface
    • Granules are held on clods – no “roll down” into crevices
    • Granules activated by moisture in the suspension fertiliser
    • Fertiliser draws moisture, helping maintain activity of Avadex in dry conditions
  • No farm labour required
  • No fertiliser storage, no handling, bag disposal, no wastage


Avadex Excel cannot be applied in solution fertilisers and as a guide the following analyses and minimum application rates illustrate what is possible, to be confirmed with your local Omex District Sales Manager :



Min. Application Rate (kg/ha)

Min. Nutrient Applied (kg/ha)



80 P₂0₅



70 P₂0₅ 45 K₂O



60 P₂0₅ 60 K₂O



30 P₂0₅ 90 K₂O


Minimum order 100ha.Please note that Omex Suspension fertilisers are routinely available for delivery from North Yorkshire to Essex and westward toward the M1 corridor. Other areas may be possible with prior arrangement.Please contact your local Omex representative for more information.


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