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Boost yield with Oilseed Extra


While the future of oilseed rape remains in the balance on a growing number of farms and the devastation from CSFB has been felt widely, some crops have fared okay and went through a prolonged flowering spell, which has led to higher seed numbers being set.  For these crops that are showing potential and possibly those suffering low levels of CSFB stem damage, applying a foliar boost to keep the crop performing while the seed develops and builds oil is the order of the day.

The crop doesn’t take up soil nitrogen after flowering, so recent rain in many areas may have come too late and application directly into the crop with foliar nitrogen should pay dividends this year.

Nitrogen is needed to maintain canopy, pod and stem greenness to produce yield and from here on in, foliar application is the only method that will keep crops performing and photosynthesising to fill the potentially large numbers of seeds set.   For the best results, foliar nitrogen should be applied at the end of flowering (after 90-95% petal fall) using normal spray nozzles to coat the pods, stems and upper leaves.

Over a period of 9 consecutive years, trials with Oilseed Extra returned an average yield increase of 0.61 t/ha, versus an increase of 0.3 t/ha with simple urea solution and in five years of Frontier trials, it produced consistent, positive yield responses each year with an average increase of 0.52 t/ha.

What can we expect from Oilseed Extra this year? Following a similar season in spring 2011, Frontier reported the greatest yield increase from Oilseed Extra from any of their trials, a very positive 0.81t/ha, providing around an extra £200/ha to this years’ crops net margin.

Improving yields with Oilseed Extra

What it is

An inorganic solution containing nitrogen, magnesium and a balanced mix of micronutrients

When and Why to use it

Used to increase yield by boosting the nitrogen content of oilseed rape crops during the critical pod and seed development stages. Apply at full petal fall

What to expect

Yield increase greater than with urea alone

Application Rate

Apply 200 l/ha, for the best results apply early morning or late evening and add a further 100 l/ha water.

Checking nutrient levels OMEX offer a SAP analysis service, in which we can tell you the levels of nitrogen available to the plant, and advise on the best course of action to help the plant reach its full yield potential.

More Information

For more information on Oilseed Extra, and how OMEX can help boost yields contact your local DSM, here.


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