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Giving Soft Fruit Production a Boost

With more sophisticated horticultural practices being adopted, the use of foliar nutrition and biostimulant products is rising.

Foliar nutrition is becoming the cornerstone of a good IPM system, which is now common place for most growers, meaning waste is minimised and quality is improved – equalling costs at a sustainable level.

Nutrition is not only about feeding crops, its also considering shelf life and quality – producing a healthy plant with both excellent finish and increased yield. OMEX independent labs, FACTs trained nutritionists and national distribution chain can assist in achieving this goal. OMEX tailor each crop nutrition programme to the specific crop.

Using a combination of Kelpak and CalMax Ultra seems to be a winning combination, for soft fruit growers looking to boost production:



Kelpak is ideal for boosting plant health and boasts a number of benefits for soft fruit production:

  • Kelpak on soft fruit promotes a strong healthy root mass to support the plants through early establishment
  • Sequential sprays of Kelpak during flowering and early fruit set improves pollination resulting in better fruit shape and a more consistent size across the crop.
  • When used alongside CalMax Ultra it improves the fruit quality as well as encouraging better fruit set.


Kelpak Trials Results:

Kelpak trial result graphs

Due to the boost given by the Kelpak application, the strawberries in the above trial saw an increase in total season yield along with season total marketable yield.


CalMax Ultra:

CalMax Ultra is a unique formulation contaning calcium nitrate and AXM, formulated for foliar application. Technical Sales Manager, Richard Cameron highlights “When we are looking at Calcium we need to remember that it is a very immobile element and, for fruiting plants, lack of calcium can cause many side effects. Calcium is important for cell wall structure and lack of calcium can cause soft fruit to have a lack of firmness, splitting and bruising. Calcium transportation due to low mobility makes it hard for the plant to transport. To revolve this issue opt for a foliar calcium type product.” OMEX’s calcium based product has a number of benefits for soft fruit, including:

• Improved calcium levels
• Increased brix levels
• Protects against calcium related disorders

CalMax Ultra Trials Results:

Trials of CalMax Ultra on soft fruit have demonstrated it’s effectiveness on Fruit Firmness and Shelf Life.

To speak to your local Technical Sales Manager, click here.

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