November 16, 2023 6:21 pm Published by LauraE

As glasshouse producers look to complete their harvest and move towards dormancy, the focus for the grower is on pests and cleaning up the plants (if keeping them) to limit any impact on future cropping.

An option from OMEX to deter pest development is to foliar apply Gard KLD with SW7Gard KLD is a combination of a garlic extract with an aldehyde and Kelpak. This combination of ingredients masks the scent of the crop from insect pests, creating an uninviting environment and helps plants to recover via the inclusion of the Kelp extract.

The primary literature has numerous references regarding the benefits of using garlic extracts to deter the development of pests (for example Ricupero et al., 2022) and when used in combination with a silicon adjuvant there are added benefits as alluded to in recent work by the University of Hertfordshire (see point ii in this link here).

For further information, please contact your local OMEX technical manager.


Ricupero, M., et al., (2022). Bioactivity and physio-chemistry of garlic essential oil nanoemulsion in tomato, Entomologia Generalis, 1-10.

University of Hertfordshire research on silicon:

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