May 4, 2021 2:39 pm Published by KirstyH

Using a combined program of OMEX foliar fertilizers on this green bean crop in Mexico shows great results.

 Bio 20

Combining mineral nutrition with the proven growth-promoting qualities of seaweed, Bio 20 provides the stimulus for healthy, active growth. Plants respond by producing greater root mass and green leaf area, giving improved flower/fruit set and higher tolerance to environmental stress.

Calmax Super

CalMax Super corrects calcium deficiency, improves fruit set, increases yield and helps improve firmness, storability, colour and finish in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

OMEX Foliar Programme used on green bean crop in Mexico

OMEX Foliar Programme used on green bean crop in Mexico

Zn 70 is a highly concentrated single element suspension fertilizer to correct zinc deficiency, the use of unique ‘uptake enhancers’ allows nutrients to enter the plant by two main pathways, one acting quickly and the other more slowly. This provides a mechanism for sustained uptake over time.

Dp98 is a plant health promoter, it contains fully water soluble phosphorous (PO3) source, which allows for exceptionally rapid uptake and absorption when applied as a foliar.

K41 will aid in maintaining the formation and healthy functioning of green leaf area and optimise the plant’s ability to make carbohydrates. This will result in better fruit set, sugar content, flavour, store quality, with delayed senescence and reduced impact of environmental stress.

Using a combined program of OMEX products throughout the growing season ensures excellent results 🙂

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