February 6, 2019 3:55 pm Published by LauraE

Take a look at this Almond Orchard, located in California, USA.

OMEX products were used throughout the growing season and post harvest to ensure high quality and maximum yield potential.

OMEX has operated in the USA since 1997 and is now based in Selma, California. The USA branch of OMEX manafactures a range of foliar fertilizers and fertigations product. The full range of products has been developed specifically for farmers and growers in the USA, meeting their specific crop needs.

OMEX USA offer a full product range, including market leading brands such as CalMax. Products can be used on a variety of crops, ornamental and turf applications. The full product range can be found, here.

For further details on how you can Grow With OMEX, contact the USA branch, here.

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