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20 September 2013
Nutritional Agronomy Note: Sweeter Beet, Less Sweat

With many growers still unsure about their plans for next year’s beet crop, the Omex team of soil samplers are currently testing potential beet land so that once decisions are made, field information is already in place for speedy delivery and application of essential nutrients.Omex’s soil sampling service is FREE for customers, and if you decide not to use our suspension fertilisers just a small charge is made for the sampling. There is no obligation or pressure to buy following testing.


Accuracy and Flexibility

offer an economical fertiliser application method with accuracy advantages and environmental benefits plus the convenience of a contract service. They are tailor-made with P, K, Mg, Na, S plus Boron and other trace elements, as required. The sulphur is included as finely ground elemental sulphur, which mineralises to plant available sulphate in the spring.


Applying sulphur has been shown to deliver an average increase of 0.56 t/ha sugar, worth around an extra £85/ha.


Suspension Fertiliser for Sweeter Beet


w232_3793127_sugarbeetprogA series of trials covering seven sites comparing crops receiving either tailored suspensions or blended solid fertiliser showed consistent increases in the sugar content of the suspension treated beet crops.All sites showed increased sugar responses, averaged at 0.39% sugar across the sites.The increased sugar content in suspension-treated crops has a marked effect on the adjusted yield of the crop. The average increase in sugar content seen in trials increases adjusted yields by 3.5%.

So, for every 100 tonnes of beet grown using suspension fertilisers rather than blends, the grower gets paid for an extra 3.5 tonnes of beet, without the harvesting, clamping and haulage costs worth around an extra £133/ha gross margin, based on the current beet price.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

w116_3792960_johnharvey (1)

Switching to Omex bespoke sugar beet fertiliser helped Norfolk grower John Harvey to boost average adjusted yields of early lifted crop to 92t/ha with 20.87% sugar.

Mr Harvey believes attention to detail is the key to maximising profitability across the farm, but the only major change to the sugar beet enterprise that can be directly attributed to this current performance boost is a switch from broadcasting bulk blends to applying bespoke Omex suspensions.
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