July 11, 2018 3:43 pm Published by LauraE


It’s time to arrange soil sampling for next year’s sugar beet crops

The OMEX soil sampling team is rolling for another year and has started in-crop sampling for oilseed rape and will soon be gearing up for testing stubbles for sugar beet.

Soil sampling is an important cornerstone to ensure the soil nutrient reserves are maintained and managed for maximum crop returns and input efficiency and measures P, K and Mg reserves and provides a guide to pH.


The Process

25-30 cores are taken in a ‘W’ or grid pattern across the field to a depth of 15 cm and the whole sample is dried and milled to provide a fully representative sample of the field for testing.

The automated sampling equipment ensures consistent sampling to 15 cm depth, regardless of ground conditions following the recent hot and dry conditions and the analysis is carried out by a PAAG accredited laboratory.

Speak to your normal OMEX contact to get soil sampling booked; it’s a free service for customers, all you need to do is arrange a map and the team will do the rest.


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