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To help celebrate Organic September, led by the Soil Association, we’re talking about the OMEX range of organic fertilisers.

The growth in popularity of produce from organic farming methods has led to an increased demand for fertiliser products that can help farmers satisfy requirements without sacrificing yield or produce quality.


You may be asking “what are organic fertilisers?”

Organic farming systems often require additional nutrient inputs in order to optimise crop yields and quality. Nutrient recycling is used as far as possible but sometimes additional fertilisers are required to maintain soils to prevent depletion of soil quality.  Organic Fertilisers have to be verified as acceptable for use under EU regulation 2092/91, the Defra Compendium of Organic Standards for organic food production and specific requirements by certification bodies.  Because the materials involved are naturally-derived, they are seen as part of a lower impact method of farming that allows only the nutrients available in nature to be used.


So how do you go about using organic fertilisers?

Before choosing to apply organic fertilisers to their crops, farmers should ensure they have selected appropriate products to suit specific requirements.  Soil analysis is the first part of the decision process, establishing the availability of nutrients from the soil, then an adjustment for any recycled nutrients must be made (eg from manures, crop residues, soil weathering).  The net additional amounts of nutrients required can then be formulated using appropriate nutrient sources and the production of effective organic fertilisers is a highly specialised sector.

The products that constitute OMEX’s range of organic fertilisers are all approved by one or both of the two most recognised and respected organic certification organisations in the UK; The Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers.


What can OMEX offer?

Known for our high quality, tailor made Suspension Fertilisers, OMEX also offer an organic range, known as Organomex Suspension Fertilisers. The Organomex range of organic suspension fertilisers is manufactured under licence from leading UK certification bodies.

Organomex suspension fertilisers are tailor-made using ingredients that are approved for use in organic farming. They are manufactured and applied under licence and can include any ratio of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulphur.

Along with the Organomex Suspension Fertiliser range, OMEX also supplies a range of foliar-applied organic inputs, which are licenced with both the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers.

To discuss your organic fertiliser needs contact our fully qualified team here.

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