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Potato Growing Tips


As crops approach Tuber Initiation (TI), it is a critical time to ensure the plant can reach its yield potential. If you are growing crisping potatoes, salad potatoes or varieties with low tuber numbers, you’ll want to increase the tuber population. Applying a bio-stumulant such as Kelpak, during TI, will help improve rooting density, enabling the crop to set more tubers.

The trials results below all showed an increase in tuber numbers, and yield, when Kelpak was applied.

Potatoes – Continued

If you are not trying to achieve large tuber populations, but are in fact trying to increase the size of the actual tubers, for chipping crops or pre-pack whites that need to achieve 50% baker fraction, your aim will be keeping the crop growing as long as possible. Ensuring you do a SAP test at key times such as TI and rapid bulking, will show exactly what nutrients are needed to be applied to maintain green area for the maximum amount of time. Matching the foliar application to the specific deficiency will optimise the crops to ensure maximum yield.



Applying Zynergy at 0.5l/ha with every blight spray will assist by creating a stronger, healthier plant, able to reach a greater yield potential.

Independent trials results have shown that an increase of yield, up to 7T/ha, can be achieved by using Zynergy. The Copper and Zinc in Zynergy compliments the conventional spray programme.


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