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With winter soon ending, it’s time to start preparing for the Spring.  Save both time and money with OMEX Suspension Fertilisers.  A unique tailor made solution made to match individual field and crop requirements, OMEX suspension fertilisers are key. Suspensions can contain almost any mix of nutrients and micronutrients, which are perfectly mixed so that each droplet of the product contains the complete analysis of nutrients, for unbeatable accuracy and consistency. OMEX suspension fertilisers consist of concentrated thixotropic liquids, which means they remain gelled when static and fully flowable when pumped, ensuring the high concentration of plant nutrients remains completely homogeneous.

While solid blended fertiliser is prone to segregation, OMEX suspensions do not separate or settle during transport and application, and remain fully uniform from the factory to the last drop applied in the field.

OMEX suspension fertilisers offer a number of benefits over conventional solid fertilisers:

  • Financial – Improved crop response from accuracy and availability of nutrients
  • Agronomic – Tailor made nutrition, uniform application over the whole field
  • Environmental – Accurate and efficient with less risk of leaching and pollution
  • Convenience – No bag disposal or storage, contract application and no farm labour or planning
  • Traceablility – From soil sample to application
  • Support – Growing with OMEX gives you complete support in caring for your crop, from planting to harvest

OMEX suspension fertilisers are applied by OMEX’s team of highly trained and experienced contractors, all of which are qualified with certification and NRoSO membership. They specialise in applying suspension fertilisers using dedicated sprayer machinery, ensuring the highest quality spread on your crops.

Having 42 years in the fertiliser industry, OMEX’s knowledge and customer service is unrivalled. Contact your local district sales manager today, to discuss OMEX suspension fertilisers for this Springs crops.

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