December 5, 2018 1:08 pm Published by LauraE
Rooting Is Key

Creating a strong root structure is key to creating a healthy plant that can reach it’s full yield potential.

Weather patterns over the past two seasons have clearly demonstrated that for plants to increase the likelihood of surviving long stressful periods, such as too hot or too wet, establishment and primary root mass is essential, especially at the early growth stages.

A series of independent trials under controlled conditions at both farm and university level, have shown that early post-emergence foliar phosphite applications can significantly advance root development, not only in late drilled winter crops but also in spring sown crops.

A recent study by Nottingham University on “Uncovering the mechanism(s) controlling plant growth promotion by phosphites” concluded:

  • Low doses of foliar-applied phosphites stimulate root development.
  • Phosphite treatment improves nutrient use efficiency in wheat.
  • Phosphite treatment results in the increase in root biomass under low P.
  • Phosphite application improves photosynthesis.
  • Phosphite application under restricted water shows improved root length in wheat.

OMEX recommend applying Kickstart at 1l/ha.  When applying to such a small target, good leaf coverage, uptake and rainfastness are crucial for best effect.  Therefore application should be 1 l/ha Kickstart + NA13 unless in tank mix with a pesticide at 2 true leaves onwards

Speak to your local DSM for advice tailored to your crops.

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