March 29, 2018 9:13 am Published by LauraE

Spring Ready with OMEX

Spring has finally sprung! With the temperature starting to pick up, and blue sky’s appearing, Spring is now in full swing here at OMEX. Make sure you’re Spring Ready with OMEX.

Over the past year OMEX has made a number of improvements and investments to ensure the company are ready for the busy Spring ahead. Max Winkler, Managing Director of OMEX Agriculture stated “Over the past year OMEX has invested record amounts into the infrastructure of the business, ready for a busy Spring Season.” These improvements include:

OMEX has an increased, impressive storage capacity of over 165,000 tonnes

Over the past year OMEX has fully upgraded their IT systems, making the order process more efficient.

OMEX’s distribution network has grown over the past year, with a fleet of over 300 road tankers at the ready.

To prepare for a busy Spring Season, OMEX has added to their transport team, to ensure the most efficient procedure from order to delivery.

OMEX have expxanded their trials department, for exciting new research in product development.

Make sure you’re #SpringReady with OMEX this season. You can contact your local district sales manager here.

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