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Controlling costs and maximising returns on inputs are key to successfully growing oilseed rape and cereals. The OMEX suspension fertiliser system addresses these requirements by applying tailored fertiliser products with a high level of accuracy and precision, reducing farm costs and improving crop response.

Variable rate application is available from most OMEX contractors, working with application maps from most providers, farm labour is freed up to improve the timeliness of autumn operations and herbicides can be tank-mixed with
the fertiliser to create further cost and time savings.


Maintain Soils To Maintain Yield Potential

A series of national surveys, comparing rates of removal of P and K with rates of replacement, have shown that UK soils have been in deficit for 15 years; more nutrients are being removed than are being replaced. This is not sustainable and as soil levels drop to Index-1 and below, crop yield potential is significantly compromised.
In order to maintain crop yields and soil fertility, fields should be tested every 3-4 years and annual applications of P and K should be made as required to maintain indices at Index-2.

OMEX offer free soil sampling to customers and all OMEX suspensions can be tailor made to individual requirements.

Specific crop needs can be met rather than relying on standard fertiliser analyses, which is often the case if solid fertiliser is used. In addition, micronutrients and biostimulants can be added to maximise crop response, particularly early establishment.

Using suspension fertilisers for cereals and oilseed rape is an ideal way to apply magnesium with the P and K mix, all in a single pass.

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