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OMEX Streambar

Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of applying nitrogen to crops and the OMEX Streambar is one of the most convenient and cost-effective bars available. Streambars apply liquid nitrogen and sulphur in a vertical stream, allowing nitrogen to be applied at the full rate right up to the field boundary. The vertical spray pattern means boom height is not restricted, allowing booms to run low in windy conditions and ensuring that the pattern is not affected by undulating ground. Each of the four outlets on the bar is fed independently from the restrictor, so the rate remains completely consistent across the bar on sloping ground.

Quality Design

The OMEX Streambar is manufactured in the UK and the compact design reduces the risk of breakage if the boom makes contact with the crop, ground or hedges. The bars have linking hooks to allow them to be connected if required, to prevent them twisting out of line. The bars are fully serviceable with three O-ring seals being the only wearing parts.

Droplet Size

The stream produced by the bar breaks into individual, large droplets soon after leaving the bar and the large heavy droplets are key to reducing the risk of scorch.

Application Tables

Application rates are conveniently altered with a sliding restrictor, allowing a full wide range of application rates to be achieved without changing nozzle bodies or restrictors and keeping the operator clean and free of contact with fertiliser. Simple to use application charts are supplied with the Streambars, detailing either the litres/hectare or kg/ha nitrogen applied – removing the need for a seperate product application chart. As an office-based support, a simple calculator is also available to run on a PC.

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For further information on OMEX Streambars contact your local district sales manager here.


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