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Zynergy is OMEX’s brand new product  you may of heard about this year. With a unique complex of copper and zinc Zynergy is taking the industry by storm. This specially formulated combination of highly available copper and zinc is designed to form a key part of an integrated crop management programme to boost crop health and maximise yield potential.

What is its use?

Zynergy is used to correct nutrient deficiency and to improve plant health and tolerance of abiotic stress.

The OMEX research and development team assisted by university researchers and independent trials organisations have identified the Zynergy formulation as an effective  additive to crop protection programmes particularly against rust, potato blight and downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

What crops can it be used on?

Zynergy can be used on a number of different crops including cereals, potatoes, brassicas, legumes, vegetables, lettuce and leafy salads.

Why use Zynergy?

As part of an integrated crop management programme, Zynergy has been proven to boost crop health and maximise yield potential.

Extensive trials have proven Zynergy’s effectiveness.

OMEX Zynergy potato trials  gave an impressive 14.5% increase in yield where the product was included, giving more than a 30:1 return on investment. Other field trials carried out also showed similar benefits where Zynergy was included in programmes for early disease control in wheat and against Phytophthora diseases in horticultural and nursery crops.

To find out more about Zynergy contact your local direct sales manager here.

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