• Nitroshield

NitroShield is OMEX's innovative new product to reduce ammonia emission and farm more sustainably. DEFRA has announced new rules on ammonia mitigation for urea fertilisers which includes UAN liquid fertilisers, such as Nitroflo. Including NitroShield in liquid nitrogen applications will help farmers meet legislation whilst improving efficiency, and ensuring they’re using the most effective application rates. NitroShield has undergone 3 years of rigorous testing to establish the most efficient and effective form of inhibitor available to farmers.

NitroShield Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar for everything you need to know about reducing ammonia emissions and farming sustainably with OMEX's NitroShield

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Farming Sustainably with NitroShield

NitroShield has been specifically developed, and rigorously tested, to meet government guidelines on reducing ammonia emissions from 2024, in line with the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Standard. Throughout the trials process the OMEX R&D team have worked to establish the most efficient rate farmers should use, to make sure they're fully utilising their inputs and nothing is going to waste

NitroShield works by blocking the urease enzyme from hydrolysing urea which causes ammonia losses, helping farmers to reduce emissions and farm more sustainably.

OMEX Expert David Booty

Research and Development of NitroShield

NitroShield has undergone three years of rigorous testing. During these trials we've not only looked at how effectively NitroShield reduces emissions, but what the most efficient rate to use is. Alongside our field trials we've been continuously testing the product in the lab, capturing gas emissions which meet international standards with NitroShield consistently reducing ammonia losses by more than 70%.
We've also seen small yield increases when using the OMEX inhibitor, alongside NIAB trials showing a 0.3 t/ha increase in yield.

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Reducing Ammonia Emissions

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