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OMEX Receives UK’s Largest Ever UAN Shipment

October 4, 2021 Published by laurae
OMEX UAN Vessel Category: Agriculture

On September 28th ABP Immingham took delivery of the UK’s largest ever shipment of liquid nitrogen raw material (UAN), destined for the OMEX dedicated processing, storage and distribution terminal located at the port.

The 50,000mt DWT vessel is earmarked for OMEX customers from North Lincolnshire to the Scottish Borders, and supplies enough raw material for one top dressing of over 330,000 acres of winter wheat.

This record-breaking delivery of UAN, mirrors OMEX’s earlier largest shipments into the ports of Ipswich and Dundee of 13,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes respectively.

This shipment is one of a number scheduled to arrive across OMEX’s nationwide network of 10 distribution hubs in the coming months, ensuring a regular supply of Nitroflo liquid N+S throughout the UK and Ireland, with unsurpassed regional and local service delivered by a network of local delivery partners to OMEX customers.

Arable and grassland farmers in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland are switching to OMEX liquid fertiliser due to the economic, environmental, handling and crop health benefits.

“Liquid fertilisers offer growers a sustainable fertiliser regime,” says OMEX agronomist Andy Eccles. “Delivery throughout the UK from regional distribution points ensures timely local delivery, and the flexibility of UAN allows material from lower carbon sources to be selected and nitrification and urease inhibitors to be added if required.”

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