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Seedbed Nitrogen To Boost Beet Crops

March 12, 2024 Published by laserred
Seedbed Nitrogen To Boost Beet Crops Category: Agriculture

In this article OMEX’s head of R&D, David Booty, discusses seedbed nitrogen to boost beet crops.

BBRO Update – Nutritional Guidance

In their latest update BBRO (British Beet Research Organisation) have reported that the risk of aphid-carried Virus Yellows in sugar beet in 2024 is HIGH. This is primarily because a lack of frosts throughout the winter has allowed higher than usual population survival.

As beet are more resistant to the virus from the 12 leaf stage onwards, rapid crop establishment is crucial to reduce damage potential.

In the Beet Agronomists Update, BBRO commented “we want the crop to get away quickly so make sure there is enough nitrogen in the seedbed for rapid growth and ensure foliar sprays of Manganese and Magnesium are applied as early as possible”

Evidence both from BBRO and OMEX trials show that placed NP starter fertiliser, Multiflo can speed up establishment.

Multiflo for Beet crops – off to a flowing start

Multiflo NP grades offer beet growers a great opportunity to enable rapid crop establishment. In a year where disease stress is high, it’s important the plant establishes quickly and is able to build a strong root structure, giving it the best chance going forward.

Multiflo is a liquid solution that contains the entire analysis in each droplet. It encompasses all the benefits that liquid fertilisers have to offer for supplying seedbed nitrogen to boost beet crops.

  • Improved accuracy
  • 100% soluble P
  • Instant uptake by the crop
  • No plastic bag wasteage or disposal
  • Single person application
  • Improved crop response
  • Uniform liquid application

Optimum seedbed nitrogen rates

However, it’s important N rates are not over applied for a number of reasons such as NUE, profitability of the crop and rising amino-N levels in beet. Farmers should be utilising SMN Plus Testing offered through OMEX’s suite of scientific agriculture resources.

Utilising scientific data, such as SMN Plus testing, furnishes growers with the data to make informed nutritional decisions. SMN Plus shows the nitrogen available now and the nitrogen that will be available later to the crop. This helps farmers chose the most appropriate Multiflo grade.

Foliar Manganese and Magnesium

Manganese and Magnesium are key elements for growing successful beet crops. As Dr Bowen highlights above, a foliar application of these should be applied as early as possible. Magnesium can be applied in the form of SuperMn. Manganese can aid yield, particularly on soils deficient in the element. Magnesium can be applied via Folex Mg. Magnesium plays an important role in photosynthesis and a number of enzyme systems. Adequate plant Mg is essential for optimum crop performance and yield.

Bespoke guidance on Seedbed Nitrogen To Boost Beet Crops

Each farming situation is different, so it’s important you’re discussing your growing aims and objectives with a FACTS qualified advisor. OMEX has a team of local contacts you can contact, here.

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