May 13, 2016 4:13 pm Published by LauraE

The cold, wet soil conditions we experienced during early drilling has created a wide variation in sugar beet establishment.

This wide variation in establishment will require careful, field specific management. Our challenge is to get the crop growing as quickly as possible so that we can get close to full canopy by the summer solstice.

For small, backwards crops and those that are under stress, trying to increase root mass is critical. However, with such delicate leaves, achieving uptake from some foliar applied biostimulants can be tricky.  Kelpak is particularly gentle on the crop leaves, and beet will tolerate an application of this much better than most other biostimulant options.


At this time, apply Kelpak at 2 l/ha in 80-200 l/ha water.

For crops at 2 true leaf stage requiring more of a boost, apply Kickstart at 0.5 l/ha in 80-200 l/ha water. This can be mixed with manganese but avoid mixing with herbicides.

Both options will stimulate root growth during May resulting in more rapid canopy development.

Once crops are at 4 true leaves and beyond, follow up with an application of Bio 20 at 3 l/ha in 80-200 l/ha water to maintain the rate of growth through May and June.

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