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Delivering Liquid Fertiliser

delivering liquid fertiliser
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Delivering Liquid Fertiliser

When You Need It

At OMEX we’re committed to providing farmers with their fertiliser when you need it. We offer an impressive 540,000 t annual storage capacity, delivering liquid fertiliser from our 11 nationwide hubs from our fleet of 300+ road tankers.

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Reducing Driven Miles To Farm

Our Greener Planet Commitment

As the leading liquid fertiliser supplier in the UK, we continue to invest in reducing driven miles to farm to deliver on our sustainable fertiliser mission. Our commitment to investing in infrastructure has enabled us to offer a national network of 11 distribution hubs and port facilities, guaranteeing a 72 hour, or less, delivery time in peak season.

  • We’re working closely with hauliers to establish sustainable practices
  • We’re utilising integrated software to accurately reduce miles, alongside a GB based experienced distribution team
  • Nationwide supply coverage at our 11 dedicated facilities reducing miles and utilising the most efficient routes to farm





Delivering from our 300+ road tankers

OMEX tanker delivering liquid fertiliser

We’re here to support you

With a UK based distribution team

We’re committed to the UK agricultural market offering liquid fertiliser from the North to the South. We employ a dedicated team of logistical experts to ensure our products run smoothly across all 11 OMEX sites and are delivered on farm when you need them. Our UK based team have decades of experince in delivering liquid fertiliser, meaning you’re in safe hands when you choose to Grow With OMEX.

As proud members of FIAS we ensure our delivery system is excellently managed at all stages with regard to security, public safety and the environment.

OMEX liquid fertiliser hubs

11 Distribution Hubs

Delivering from North to South

We continue to invest into our infrastructure, with the UK’s largest liquid fertiliser distribution network. We’re strategically located from the North to the South to optimise efficiency and improve delivery times for farmers.

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Security of Supply – All Year Round

We’re passionate about continuously offering security of supply, building strong relationships to ensure you have product when you need it.

We recently welcomed the largest vessel of UAN the port of Dundee has ever seen and the UK’s largest vessel of UAN.

Our 300+ road tankers are reducing driven miles to farm with a distribution hub located strategically to farms across the UK.

Continually improving our distribution facilities

We recently welcomed the largest ever vessel of UAN into the port of Dundee

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