May 11, 2016 10:52 am Published by LauraE

The oilseed rape crop shows promise this year and the current sunny conditions mean crops will be setting good seed numbers.  To capitalise on the potential, crops need feeding.

Late season foliar urea (Protein Plus) application is becoming a regular part of the nitrogen management of top-yielding crops and a large series of trials by ADAS for the HGCA has reported an average adjusted yield response of 0.25 t/ha, when foliar urea was applied from mid flowering until 2 weeks after the end of flowering.


Over the last 3 years of a series of independent trials with Oilseed Extra (foliar urea plus magnesium and micronutrients), treated crops yielded an average 0.57 t/ha more than untreated, and over 9 years the average of all trials and farmer comparisons is a yield increase of 0.61 t/ha.

To get the best returns from foliar nitrogen application to oilseed rape, apply 200 l/ha Oilseed Extra after the end of flowering.

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