August 14, 2017 9:39 am Published by LauraE

On farm trials have demonstrated improvements in marketable yield and quality when the SAP system is used. So what is SAP® analysis? It’s a highly accurate and topical assessment of the true nutritional status of the plant. Whilst conventional tissue testing reports the level of nutrients in a sample, including those locked up and unavailable for growth in cell walls and storage cells,  SAP analysis measures only the actual level of crop nutrients available for plant growth.

OMEX offers a full nutritional analysis service using the facilities of the Scientific Agricultural Partnership (SAP®) laboratories in King’s Lynn. These laboratories specialise in the extraction, analysis and interpretation of sap samples taken from growing plants. Individual interpretation of each sample result is carried out by a team of qualified agronomists, allowing recommendations to be made for the active nutritional management of the crop. OMEX can then tailor make the correct solution to benefit your crop.

For full details on OMEX SAP® Analysis services click here. Or alternatively contact 01553 760011 to discuss the process with one of our expert technicians.

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