August 3, 2018 4:52 pm Published by LauraE
Liquid v Solids Cereals
Potentially higher returns from cereals and a rising fertiliser market mean investing in soil nutrient reserves should be top of this autumn’s agenda.

Having it applied as a liquid in the form of OMEX suspension fertiliser means it is applied accurately and evenly by an NRoSO operator with an NSTS certified sprayer and offers the unique opportunity to save a pass and get Avadex Excel applied evenly at the same time.

By using OMEX suspensions, all the logistics of receiving, storing and handling fertiliser and empty bags are eliminated and you only pay for the fertiliser applied; any fertiliser not applied is returned to the factory and credited in full.

OMEX suspensions are true compounds, so every droplet contains the required analysis and, in addition to Avadex Excel, they can also be applied with a wide range of other pre-emergence herbicides.  To help ease sulphur management in the spring, OMEX suspensions are also available with sulphur, as well as a wide range of micronutrients if required.

Save time, money and maintain your soil nutrient reserves for the future with OMEX suspension fertilisers, available from the OMEX district sales manager team or your normal fertiliser merchant.

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