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OMEX Horticulture Nutritional Update
In this nutritional update horticultural experts, Richard Cameron and Joe Barfoot, look at how ornamental growers can maximise both quality and yield this season.

Getting the most out of nutritional inputs, especially for crops requiring a longer period of attention such as pot plants, perennials and shrubs/trees, is highly topical this year. Growers need to be sure they’re maximising efficiency and getting the best return on investment. As operations move towards peat free mixes the need to get nutrition correct is paramount, alongside protecting those all-important roots. If you’ve listened to our previous podcast “Roots, Roots, Roots.” you’ll know it’s something we take very seriously at OMEX. A solid root structure is key to getting the plant off to the best start, and enabling it to thrive through a long growing season where the plant will experience times of stress.

Joe Barfoot

Nutrition Distribution and Root Mass

To get nutrition flowing correctly through the plant, an application of Kobra should be considered. Kobra will help alleviate any dry patches in the pot, distributing water evenly throughout the growing media leading to an enhanced uptake of nutrition and a healthier root ball. Working this application into an ICM system where O-Phyte is included, increasing the root mass, will encourage a strong healthy plant that’s achieving high quality yields, resulting in a higher ROI.

Enhancing foliar uptake

Alongside the need to increase root quality, coverage and uptake, the same scenario should be applied for the most efficient uptake of nutrients via the foliage. Studies have shown uptake of foliar nutrition can be greatly enhanced by using the correct wetter, maximising efficiency and delivering a saving for growers who can expect to see enhanced uptake by the plant. NA13 is designed to help nutrients penetrate the leaf surface, maximising efficiency of the foliar application whilst reducing risks of scorch and staining, improving the aesthetic of the plant.

Ahead of root movement

With a ICM system in place to maximise root and foliar uptake, growers should also consider getting their plants in good standing whilst root activity is still slow, especially growers who aren’t heating their glasshouses. Treating plants to a dose of Bio 20, OMEX’s most popular nutritional feed around the globe, will provide an instant boost of nutrition once the plant starts moving.

Further advice

The OMEX horticulture team, including technical experts Richard, Neil and Joe, are available to advise on crop nutrition throughout the season. Supported by a team including global technical experts, national coverage and local distribution partners, OMEX are here to help you achieve the most out of your crop. Want to find out more about what OMEX Horticulture have to offer? Click here.

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