June 9, 2023 7:15 pm Published by LauraE

With the commercial value of milling wheat skyrocketing, farmers are turning their attention towards how they can effectively boost protein levels within the crop. Protein levels for class 1 milling wheat should be in excess of 13%. Higher protein levels help the formation of gluten, holding the baked items structure and improves rheological properties of the dough, which millers are actively seeking.

Latest AHDB research, published November 2022, clearly shows that foliar urea applications at GS73 consistently improve grain protein levels and baking quality to higher levels than earlier applications of ammonium nitrate.

Typically, Protein Plus +S will provide a protein increase of 0.5-1% depending on growing conditions. New crop premiums of more than £80/t mean that a 200L/ha Protein Plus application could achieve over £685/ha return on investment.

Contact your local OMEX, FACTS qualified, advisor for more information.

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