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Working Towards Sustainable Liquid Fertiliser

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OMEX’s Greener Planet Commitment

We’re here to support farmers growing more efficiently on our journey to produce sustainable fertilisers. As we work towards our own Net Zero fertiliser goals we’re supporting farmers on their sustainability journey by reducing emission and improving nitrogen use efficiency. Our Greener Planet Commitment encompasses our entire sustainability strategy, including the food, power and water sectors the OMEX Group operate in across the globe.

Our mission is to sustainably feed and power a growing population

At OMEX we’re working with the entire supply chain to deliver environmental, financial and agronomic sustainability.

Working Together on Food Security

Our collaborations across the whole supply chain helps to support farmers on their sustainability journey. Farmers are crucial to UK food security and we’re passionate about helping farms become more financially, agronomically and environmentally sustainable with the help of sustainable fertiliser useage.

How OMEX supports on-farm sustainability

As the market leader of liquid fertilisers, solely focused and dedicated to supplying the UK market, we at OMEX Agriculture have specialised in liquid fertilisers for almost 50 years. Our liquid fertiliser range includes:
Nitroflo Liquid N+S Fertilisers, Multiflo Liquid NPKS Fertilisers, Speciality Liquid Fertilisers.

As a family-run business we are making a Greener Planet Commitment, where with improved infrastructure, sustainable fertilisers, attention to carbon footprint, less driven miles and on-farm technical support we help farmers grow more sustainably.

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Reducing fertiliser miles to farm

As the leading liquid fertiliser supplier in the UK, we continue to invest in reducing driven miles to farm to deliver on our sustainable fertiliser mission. Our commitment to investing in infrastructure has enabled us to offer a national network of 11 distribution hubs and port facilities, guaranteeing a 72 hour, or less, delivery time in peak season.

  • We’re working closely with hauliers to establish sustainable practices
  • We’re utilising integrated software to accurately reduce miles, alongside a GB based experienced distribution team
  • Nationwide supply coverage at our 11 dedicated facilities reducing miles and utilising the most efficient routes to farm

Science-Led Fertiliser Support

An integral part of our sustainability journey on-farm is providing science-led support. It’s vital that amongst the noise OMEX is offering accurate advice to support you in growing greener, whilst meeting your yield and financial aspirations. Which is why we have invested in:

  • FACTS and BASIS qualified advisors
  • Worldwide R&D field and lab facilities to develop future sustainable liquid fertiliser
  • Dedicated teams to continuously test the efficiencies of our products and how you can better utilise them
  • Gene sequencing data to better understand our products
  • Investigating sustainable fertiliser sources

Sustainable Fertiliser

As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we continue to dedicate significant resource to our global R&D department, to help you utilise the power of crop nutrition and sustainable fertiliser use

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Our Ethos on Precision Farming

Precision Farming has always been an integral part of our liquid fertiliser business. Liquid fertilisers are more accurate, more available and less wasteful – supporting many farmers to produce sustainably.

The precise application that liquid fertiliser offers has been consistently proven by yield improvements in trials. We firmly believe in our “3 R’s” approach:

The Right Product, In The Right Place, At The Right Time

Analysis Services

Farmers should be utilising analysis service to ensure the right amount of product is used, improving nutrient use efficiency and financial sustainability of the farm, so no input is unnecessarily over-applied. OMEX offer a suite of analysis services such as: Soil Testing, SMN Plus and SAP Testing.

Farmers can also utilise external service such as Grain Testing and Post-Harvest NUE Assessment to continually evolve their operation.
Our liquid fertilisers offer farmers the right combination throughout the entire growing cycle of the crop including Nitroflo Liquid N+S fertilisers Multiflo Liquid NPKS fertilisers, speciality foliar fertilisers and inhibitors.

Our range of inhibitors and additives ensure losses and wastage is minimised on farm! Contact our team to find out more.

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The Environmental Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser

No Wastage

Bulk liquid fertiliser can be returned to the tank if it’s not all needed, making it a much more sustainable fertiliser application , with no over applying of unnecessary product.

Improved Accuracy

Liquid fertiliser is quickly absorbed into the ground and utilised We employ a dedicated tank inspection team to help you site your OMEX liquid fertiliser storage tank in the most efficient and safe site. Bunding of tanks ensures protection for the farm and the the crop. Unlike granular fertiliser liquid is directly applied where the crop needs it, avoiding run off into nearby watercourses.

Safe Storage

We employ a dedicated tank inspection team to help you site your OMEX liquid fertiliser storage tank in the most efficient and safe site. Bunding of tanks ensures protection for the farm and the environment for safe and sustainable fertiliser storage.

No Plastic Packaging

OMEX liquid fertilisers are supplied in dedicated tanks, negating wasteful plastic packaging and cost. We employ a team of tank inspectors to work with you on placing your tank in the most environmentally friendly location.

Reducing Emissions

Inhibitors form a key part of ensuring liquid fertilisers remain a sustainable choice. DIDIN reduces nitrous oxide emissions and improves carbon footprint. NitroShield reduces ammonia emissions

Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser application

Sustainable Farming With OMEX

Here’s what Lincolnshire Farmer, Andrew Ward, had to say about sustainable farming.

Andrew Ward Liquid Fertiliser
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Helping Grow a Greener Future

PS – we’re already doing more than you may think!

We’re working in line with the UN sustainable development goals, embedding sustainability into our business and culture! Contact our team to find out how we can help you with your sustainability goals too.

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David Booty Sustainable Fertiliser trials

Worldwide R&D facilities to improve nutrient use efficiency and sustainably feed a growing population. Helping us to develop sustainable fertilisers for the future.

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Our People

We actively support and fund personal and professional development. We’re committed to fostering a supportive environment for all of our people to thrive.

Supplier & Customer Partnerships

Collaborating with bodies throughout the supply chain to ensure as an industry we’re achieving true sustainability.


sustainable fertilisers | OMEX

Utilising green power throughout our sites, working towards eliminating fossil fuels from our processes.


Committed to maintaining audited and certified Environmental Management Systems to the international standard. Encompassing clean water, life and climate action.


Optimising our facilities with H&S as paramount throughout our processes, promoting healthy working lifestyles and supporting our teams wellbeing.


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Our Environmental Objectives

We’ve developed some key environmental objectives as we gain momentum on our sustainability journey. These key objectives will help us provide more sustainable liquid fertilisers and form a greener part of the food supply chain. Our entire business is working towards these goals set by Max Winkler, Executive Chairman of OMEX Agriculture.

Our Environmental Objective

Pollution Prevention

Our goal is to implement initiatives to prevent any pollution to our physical environment including air, water or soil.

Zero Emissions

We aim to continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming and be carbon neutral for our scope 1 emissions by 2035

Zero Landfill Waste

We plan to eliminate all discharge to landfill, with no manufacturing waste from our facilities going to landfill sites.

Resource Conservation

We will use resources such as water, energy, and raw materials efficiently and ethically.

Understanding and Reducing Carbon Footprint

We’re working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of fertilisers on the planet, from factory to farm. We’re committed to addressing both on-farm and in-house carbon footprint.

Reducing Our Footprint, Reducing Your Footprint, Sustainably Growing Together

We’re also passionate about reducing on-farm carbon footprint with the use of inhibitors and promoting Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Alongside researching the most innovative application methods for farmers

Decarbonising our products

Decarbonised liquid fertiliser will be a key milestone in producing food more sustainably. Our procurement team are actively sourcing lower-carbon raw materials to reduce the carbon footprint of both ourselves and farmers.

On our mission to help develop a circular economy and encourage sustainable fertiliser use our R&D function is researching the most innovative sources to lower the carbon footprint of existing products and supply new green ranges. We’re currently evaluating blue, green and white ammonia as the next step in our sustainability journey.

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Our whole team is working hard to deliver sustainability across the business.

The time and effort we’re dedicating to this important milestone will pay dividends for your farming business.

Sam Bell – Managing Director, OMEX Agriculture

Sam Bell OMEX Agriculture
We’re All In This Together
We’re focused on sustainability as a team, and we’re keen to bring you on that journey with us, to deliver sustainable liquid fertiliser and help you meet the needs of your farming business. From order to harvest, we’re here to support you every step of the way on your growing greener journey. Speak to us about sustainable fertiliser use.
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