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Foliar Fertiliser

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Foliar Fertilisers and Crop Nutrition

As part of our Greener Planet Commitment we’re dedicated to offering farmers the highest quality foliar fertilisers and crop nutrition to promote plant health.

We supply our crop nutrition products to over 85 countries around the world, specialising in promoting plant health, quality and yield through nutrient uptake. Our high performance liquid foliar fertilisers are designed to promote the most efficient uptake of nutrients through crop leaves.

These speciality liquid fertilisers are packed with nutrients at far higher concentrations than normal foliar fertilisers, giving your crops the nutrition they need just when they need it.

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From biostimulants to core foliar nutrition we’ve expertly crafted a range of foliar fertilisers for every growing scenario.

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The Benefits Of OMEX Foliar Fertilisers

Prevents Nutrient Deficiency

Foliar fertilisers bypass limiting soil conditions

Precision Nutrition

Targets the plant with the nutrients needed

Sustainable Farming

Supplying the plant with crop nutrition, and improving plant health is a step towards a more sustainable farming operation

Alleviates Stress

By boosting plant health through targeted nutrition

Boosts Growth

Accurate foliar fertiliser application helps the crop reach it’s yield potential


Nutrients applied via foliar fertiliser reach deep into the roots, and prevent root damage

Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Farming

We’ve pledged a Greener Planet Commitment as part of our sustainability journey. As part of that mission we’re encouraging farmers to consider the 3R’S:

  • The right product
  • In the right place
  • At the right time

This approach focuses on only utilising inputs required by the crop, removing unnecessary applications and focusing upon improved agronomic, environmental and financial farm sustainability. Our foliar range has been designed to offer farmers an array of quality products to fit differing farming situations, with their liquid foliar nutrition suitable to be applied at the correct time.

Crop nutrition focuses on plant health, utilising nutrients to promote crop health, quality, yield and resilience. We’re continuously researching crop nutrition, such as our Zynergy project, to offer farmers viable nutrient plans. On our mission to develop a circular economy our R&D function are researching the most innovative sources to lower the carbon footprint of existing products and supply new green ranges.

We employ a dedicated team of crop nutrition agronomists, here to support you on your regenerative and sustainable farming goals, and how you can introduce nutrition onto your farm in the most effective way.

How are OMEX foliar fertilisers made?

Every one of our foliar fertilisers has been developed, refined and repeatedly tested by an expert technical team. We combine specially formulated gels with quality raw materials to create stable, highly effective foliar treatments.

Products are stringently tested throughout the development process, and finally investigated for leaf wetting and nutrient absorption inside OMEX’s dedicated biolab and controlled environment greenhouses. Only products that pass the stringent tests take their place in the OMEX foliar range.

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SAP Analysis

SAP Analysis plays a key role in choosing foliar nutrition. It analyses 17 key nutrient levels within the growing crop to identify nutrition actively available for growth. A report is created with BASIS qualified agronomist comments to help farmers make accurate input decisions and farm more sustainably.

In the latest series of Clarksons Farm viewers caught a glimpse of SAP Analysis in action.

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