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Nourishing crops with readily available P&K

February 15, 2024 Published by laurae
Nourishing crops with readily available P&K Category: Agriculture

In OMEX’s latest technical bulletin, Head of R&D David Booty, discusses the importance of nourishing crops with readily available P&K.

Recent rainfall and water logged fields have left many soils unable to retain key nutrients available for growth, as highlighted in our previous Sulphur and Rooting technical updates.

The heavy winter rainfall most of the country experienced towards the end of last year, left many winter crops unable to be drilled. Those that were drilled have endured stress inducing conditions putting the plant under pressure.

The uncertainty of the autumn season has put an emphasis on the importance of ensuring spring drilled crops perform to the best of their ability.

water logged wheat field

water logged wheat field

The importance of P&K

Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) are key macro nutrients needed for successful spring growth.

Phosphorus is responsible for cell division and growth development within the plant. Whist Potassium is needed for movement of key elements within the plant such as water, nutrients and carbohydrates. Each of these properties make P&K crucial building blocks in the growth of crops.

However, crop available P&K levels are hard to maintain due to a number of different factors such as soil type and weather conditions. Due to economic pressures many farmers have also taken PK holidays. This can lead to the soil indices dipping below the optimum level and subsequent crop uptake leaving soils deficient.

Nourishing crops with readily available P&K 

Farmers should consider applying a readily available source of P&K along with their first nitrogen application, supplying nutrition that can be absorbed by the crop immediately.

An application of Multiflo, OMEX’s new liquid NPKS solution, will supply the nutrition in a readily-available form. A balanced grade such as Multiflo 9:9:9 will nourish crops with readily available P&K whilst supplying a source of nitrogen.

Multiflo Liquid NPKS Fertiliser


The benefits of a liquid P&K solution

Multiflo liquid NPKS fertiliser range ensures the crop gets off to the best start by supplying optimum nutrition levels thanks to its liquid composition, allowing easy uptake by the crop. The unique liquid grades within the Multiflo range are true compounds, where each droplet contains the complete analysis of nutrients. As a result every square centimetre of crop is guaranteed to receive the required ratio of NPKS.

As can be seen in the video above, the liquid form of P&K is immediately absorbed by the top levels of the soil, therefore instantly available to the crop, unlike the granular alternative that takes some time to dissolve. With current weather conditions making this an unpredictable spring season, it’s vital farmers are supplying readily available nutrition that won’t get washed away before it’s able to be used.

Multiflo liquid NPKS fertilisers also boast a 100% soluble form of P, derived from the highest quality sources, meaning farmers can rest assured their crops are receiving optimum levels of nutrition.

Liquid NPKS fertiliser Multiflo has a number of benefits farmers can enjoy, including:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Efficiency, instant uptake by the crop
  • Application right up to the field margin
  • No wastage (unused fertiliser is returned to the tank)
  • Single person application
  • 100% soluble P
  • Dedicated tank storage, freeing up valuable farm storage
  • No offloading with a forklift
  • No plastic bag disposal

Keeping applied phosphorus available in the ground for longer

Phosphorus (P) is a nutrient liable to lock up, especially in calcareous soils. However, farmers can utilise Polymex to ensure their valuable P&K application is kept plant available for longer. Polymex protects plant available phosphate from becoming immobilised on high pH or calcareous soils.

Get advice from your FACTS qualified advisor

It’s important you keep in contact with your local FACTS qualified advisor, and ensure you’re conducting soil testing for base fertiliser usage. This will help make nourishing crops with readily available P&K, an accurate and scientific process, whilst maintaining soil nutrition for optimum crop performance. You can speak to your local OMEX FACTS qualified advisor, here.

If you’d like to conduct some on-farm trials with Multiflo and nourishing crops with readily available P&K, please contact us and we’d be happy to support this. Helping you to establish the most effective crop nutrition strategy for your farm.

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