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Moseley Contractor Corner Continued

In the Spring 2022 edition of OMEX Analysis Magazine we feature Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd. Learn more about how they’re Growing With OMEX, below.

A significant year on year increase in farmers switching from granular fertiliser to OMEX liquid solutions has helped a North Yorkshire based haulage business take advantage of excellent growth opportunities in the arable and grassland farming sectors.

Bedale-based Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd now runs a fleet of 22 tankers, which are used to support a growing liquid fertiliser division servicing farmers from the Edinburgh area down to Thirsk, to the north east and north west coasts.

The company started transporting potatoes and bagged fertiliser in 1977, but an opportunity to move into liquid fertiliser delivery came years later for the Kendell based company.

“My uncle started applying liquid fertiliser on farms locally so we bought two tankers to supply him,” says Adam Moseley.

With years of experience and a high level of expertise  Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd was perfectly placed to transport liquid fertiliser for OMEX.

“We were already familiar with OMEX because we had been delivering to its Bardney factory for a customer,” explains Adam. “This gave us the opportunity to see how OMEX operated and we could see the potential to become a service partner. At the time it was increasing its liquid fertiliser coverage, especially into the North East.”

By the end of 2008 Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd had established itself as one of OMEX’s key distribution partners, delivering Nitroflo liquid fertiliser to arable and grassland farmers.

“Since 2007 OMEX has extended its range of products, especially higher grade sulphur products such as Nitroflo 15%S, which are used by grassland farmers. Around 10% of our customers are now grassland farmers and the market is growing year on year.”

In 2018 OMEX opened its liquid nitrogen fertiliser facility at Port of Dundee, which allowed  Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd to strengthen its presence more locally to its customer base in the North East.

“We have been able to significantly improve our delivery times and efficiency levels to our customers,” says Adam. “We now operate between the River Forth in the north, down to Thirsk in the south. We have also seen a significant increase in liquid fertiliser business for grassland farmers developing in the North West. We see this as a major potential growth area for the business.”

Joel A Moseley Transport Ltd covers both out of season and in season liquid fertiliser contracts, with it’s fleet of 22 road tankers.

“During Autumn & winter, our focus is to fill all the tanks on farm and reposition stock throughout OMEX’s strategic distribution hubs,” says Adam. “Being closer to our customers geographically helps delivery times during the peak workload period.”

“OMEX furnish us with all our orders for spring top up and pre-season fill up. It’s a seamless process for the pre-season work. We work out the delivery schedule ourselves and OMEX entrust us to take over control of the whole process from that point. We discharge directly to tanks on farm without the need for any input from the customer.

“In the spring, OMEX customers located in our area, call us direct when they need topping up. Our target is to get the order fulfilled within two working days. The key is for the farmer not to wait until the tank is empty before calling for a top up – if they call as they are halfway through the storage tank, then we should be there before they run out.”

Fertiliser movements during spring season operate seven days a week, so all vehicles are maintained to a high standard to avoid breakdown during peak periods.  The business employs ADR qualified drivers (for carrying hazardous chemicals) along with several casual drivers employed during periods of high demand in season, many of which are local farmers.

“We go back a long way with many of OMEX’s customers so there is a lot of familiarity” says Adam. “We also feel valued by OMEX, who trust us to deliver a first class service. The two companies collaborate daily to ensure support is there when needed, We work closely with the distribution team at the Bardney site. We rely on them as they do us to deliver a first class service to OMEX customers.”

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