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OMEX EU Approved Inhibitor Delivering Results

March 27, 2024 Published by laserred
Category: Agriculture

OMEX EU Approved Inhibitor Delivering Results

The urease inhibitor NitroShield, supplied by OMEX Agriculture has been granted EU approval. The commitment by the company to seek EU authorisation demonstrates its dedication to the Irish market and offers wider benefits to the farming community.

Trials carried out by OMEX’s research and development team has ensured the correct amount of NitroShield is used according to the conditions at time of use.

Inclusion of NitroShield with OMEX’s Nitroflo range or any other liquid fertiliser containing nitrogen designed for uptake through the roots, will reduce ammonia emissions, improve nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), and consequently improve yield or provide the option of applying less nitrogen.

“OMEX trials show ammonia emissions from Nitroflo alone are less than a third of that from urea – and similar to emissions from protected urea,” says OMEX technical director David Booty. “The addition of NitroShield produces an average emissions reduction of 70% compared with Nitroflo without the inhibitor. In lab conditions, less than 4% of applied N was lost to the atmosphere when NitroShield was included.”

The impact of NitroShield‘s approval will be particularly significant for farmers in Ireland according to OMEX’s speciality products director, Edward Dickinson.

“Ireland’s twin challenges of nitrate leaching from CAN in the east, and ammonia emissions from urea use in the west, can be significantly reduced by using Nitroflo and NitroShield together,” he explains.

“The combined benefits of accurate application through a sprayer, no waste outside of the cropped area, no yield loss on field margins from the liquid, and environmental benefits of less leaching and very effective protection against ammonia loss, make this combination a really viable alternative to protected urea.

“Farmers using Nitroflo and NitroShield together will be able to declare their inhibitor use under the new DAFM regulations introduced in September 2023,” says Mr Dickinson. “It really is a winning combination: more efficient use of nitrogen, significantly improved environmental profile, and compliant with Government guidance.”

You can find out more about OMEX’s EU approved inhibitor NitroShield, here.

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